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If you haven't heard, there's a Star Fox fan series that's been in development for a long time now, by Fredryk Phox.
Well, his long, hard work has finally paid off and now he's got his first episode out!

You can view it here:…

Being the Star Fox fanboy, I of course had a grand ol' time watching it.

Go have a look for yourself! :D
Dark Kingdom's Toad by Zerrick
Dark Kingdom's Toad
Okay so, there's Goombas and Koopas that are citizens of the Mushroom kingdom, right?

And I thought...

"What if there were Toads that were residents of Bowser's kingdom?"

Like, they defected to his side.

So I found a wiki with a simple enough picture of Toad from Paper Mario and threw this shoddy job together in Paint.

It's not meant to be a work of art, but it is meant to be illustratrive.

...My arm and hand would not stop shaking while I was filling in some of the colors that the paint bucket didn't work on.

Regardless, design concept is a design concept
Bowser's Ticklish Adventures in: Isle Delfino Vacation Day
by Zachski, AKA Zerrick


This story contains a massive amount of tickle fetish, foot fetish, and an implied mutual crush between two adult males.  If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to click off of this page.

Bowser, Midbus, Piantas, Bloopers, and Boos are all copyrighted to Nintendo.
Please support the games.


Midbus watched from his plane seat as Bowser snored in the seat next to his.  The flight had been long, and the flight attendants as skittish as a chicken in a fox's den, but Bowser had barely paid attention to such a thing and, in his boredom, chosen to sleep instead.

"Th-this is your Captain speaking, we are about to make our landing," the intercom said.

"Snnkkkzxxxkxkkkkk," was Bowser's majestic response.

Midbus rolled his eyes, then grinned.  He knew how to wake the King up.  He reached over with his hand to poke Bowser in the side and... hesitated.  A strange urge overcame him and he instead cupped his hand on the koopa king's soft pec.

"Mmmn...." Bowser mumbled, a pleased smile creeping onto his sleeping face.  Midbus felt his face burn with embarrassment as he took his hand away, his nails raking across the king's sensitive chest.

Bowser jolted and giggled himself awake, blinking blearily.  "Oh, are we there?" he asked, and Midbus snorted positively, trying not to let Bowser see the intense blush on his cheeks.  Bowser scratched his pec absentmindedly and yawned.  "Well, a lot of money went into this, so this had better be the best vacation I've ever had!"

"Bowser... thank you again for having me along," Midbus said in his thick accent.  He had gotten better at the Mushroom Kingdom language's grammar, but his accent was still unavoidably there, and he would sometimes lapse into his old manner of broken grammar.

"Eh?  Ah, don't mention it.  Truth is, it'd be boring to go on this trip by myself, and you're the only one that really understands what it's like."

Midbus nodded, thinking back.  Bowser had freed him from the tickle-powered generator that powered Fawful's machine of vengeance.  After that, he was his own free boar... and yet he found himself without direction.  Thanks to the Mirth Venom of the Mirth Pirahna Plant in the Jungle of Mirth (all "brilliant" names by Bowser), he had become somewhat addicted to being tickled... but that wore off long ago.  He wanted to feel that again.  And he wanted to feel it the way Bowser did without any Mirth Potion at all.

The jolt of the plane making its landing brought him out of his introspection, and he and Bowser prepared to disembark.


"Isle Delfino!" Bowser announced, wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt patterned shell that was absolutely ugly, yet completely fit in with the environment.  Midbus looked around, noticing the Piantas giving Bowser very nervous glances, ushering children and loved away.  Even the police were giving him the stink eye.

"Seems you are popular here," Midbus said sarcastically.

"Yeah yeah, I kinda stole all of their mystic sun things awhile back and used them to power a giant hot tub," Bowser said.

"Ah," Midbus said, at a loss for words.

An official looking Pianta walked up to Bowser, significantly more positive than the rest of his people.  "Well now, Bowser, I hope you'll find your accomodations pleasant.  We've done our best to make sure that you'll have as much fun as you like!   And as per our agreement..."

"...if I have a great time, I'll pay you the other half of the money." Bowser chuckled, lowering his sunglasses to stare directly at the mayor.  "I know how to speak politician."

"Very good!  Now then, if you need any help, let me know and we will do anything we can!" the mayor said before walking off.

"You got him wrapped around little pinky," Midbus said, smirking at the koopa king.

"I got him wrapped around my little finger, yes," Bowser corrected.

And so, with that business finished, they stopped at the first place on their schedule: The beach!


Midbus had to admit that he much preferred the frozen lands of his people.  This place was simply too hot.  Maybe his warm fur didn't help matters.  He watched the Koopa King enviously, who was laying on a towel under an umbrella, simply relaxing, not sweating even a tenth that the boar was sweating.  Darn him for only packing one umbrella!

"This is boring.  Do we just sit here and drink in sun?"

"Yep!  Soak it in, and sleep.  You know, some kids like to bury each other in the sand... but we're not children, and neither one of us would *ever* stoop to such a thing," Bowser said, waggling his eyebrows, "especially not for any... nefarious reasons."

Midbus smirked, understanding what Bowser meant, but plotting his own agenda all the same.

"Anyways, I'm gonna just..." Bowser began to snore.  It was an awful snore.  As in, awfully unconvincing.  But Midbus knew what to do.  He immediately began to scoop the sand onto Bowser, a pile starting on his belly and eventually becoming a big dome.  He didn't stop there, piling it on until he was sure that the weight would prevent Bowser from accidentally breaking the sand dome.  The only things that were exposed of Bowser were his head and feet.  And with that done, he wiggled his finger up Bowser's sole, who "awoke" with a start.

"Eep!  You buried me!  I can't believe you'd do that!" Bowser said, grinning despite himself.

"I sure did!  And I'm not stopping there," Midbus said, stealing the umbrella from over Bowser's head and placing it at his feet, providing shade for himself while he had fun with the trapped soles.

"H-Hey!  The sun's hot, you know!" Bowser said, already feeling the sting of the sun on his head.

"I know.  I had no umbrella.  You hogged it.  So I took it," Midbus said, snorting decisively.

"Aw come on, give it baHAHAHAHA!" Bowser attempted to say before Midbus's assault on his soles interrupted him.

"Nyet," Midbus said, lightly wiggling his fingers up and down Bowser's soles, which wiggled about desperately.  Bowser struggled, but couldn't break the sand dome, being trapped.

"Hahahaha!  This isn't funneeheheheheeeee!" Bowser said desperately, starting to sweat from the sun's heat.

"Then why are you laughing?" Midbus grinned, poking at the koopa king's toes.  The only downside of this setup was that the feet were the ONLY thing Midbus could tickle.  Still, though, watching the king sweat uncomfortably while laughing his head off was worth it.

"Darn youuhohohoo!"

Midbus continued, leaning down and nibbling on the soles.  Now that he was in the shade, he was much more comfortable, and certain that Bowser was much less so.

"Let me gohohoo!  I'm baking!" Bowser said, starting to get a little desperate.  Still, a part of him was very impressed with Midbus' tactics.

"Maybe.  If you do something," Midbus said, grinning mischeviously, licking and enjoying the salty sweat forming on Bowser's soles.

"ANYTHING!" Bowser laughed, trying to keep it together.

"Say you love being tickled."

"I lovebing tickl!"

"Say it clearer!  and louder!"


"Say 'I am a ticklish little koopa'"


Midbus dug his fingers into the soles, raking his nails up and down Bowser's captive soles.

"Say it"


Midbus chuckled, stopping.  He quickly unburied Bowser, bringing him under the umbrella... and somehow, uncomfortably close to himself.

Bowser panted, letting his sweat run down his head freely.

"That was cruel, devious, and unethical.  And I'm proud to call you friend!" Bowser said, grinning.

Midbus felt his face flush again, quickly searching for some way to save face.  He remembered that he had a special power.  Inhaling, he breathed out with a "Hawwww", sending a cool breath over Bowser, who thankfully didn't notice the massive blush on the pig's face.

"Ah yeah, you got those ice powers.  Very nice," Bowser grinned.  Midbus forced a chuckle at the compliment, hoping to disguise his blush as bashfulness.

"Come on, Bowser, let us go swimming!  Keep cool in hot sun!" Midbus said.  Bowser agreed and they proceeded to jump into the water.

The water was warmed by the sun, yet significantly cooler than the beach.  Due to their fat, they were easily able to float on the surface, steadily swimming back and forth.  Midbus sighed and relaxed.  This was definitely an experience that he couldn't have in his home country.

Bowser stared at Midbus' relaxed face, and felt a warmth spread from his heart.  He hadn't seen the pig so relaxed *ever*.  It was a pleasant sight... and made him feel incredibly self conscious just thinking about it.  Why was he, the King of Koopas, getting so flustered?

He didn't have time to ponder that thought as something wrapped around his ankle, pulling him into the air.

"RAWR!" Bowser yelled in surprise, Midbus' eyes snapping open at the sight of a Giant Blooper holding Bowser in the air by his ankle.

"Bowser!" Midbus called out.

"Let me down right now, you overgrown seafood platter!" Bowser said, growling angrily at the Blooper.  The Blooper just got a smug look on what face it had and lifted another tentacle, brushing against Bowser's foot.

Bowser instantly shut up, shaking.  Midbus knew Bowser was excited for what was coming, and remembered that Bowser liked to feign nervousness and anger in order to encourage it.  And it worked, as the Blooper sped up its tentacle on Bowser's sole, until Bowser eventually burst into laughter.  And then the Blooper took Bowser with him towards a cave near the beach.

"H-Hey!  Come back here with Bowser!" Midbus said, swimming after the Blooper, though not nearly as fast as he was able to.  While Bowser was having fun, Midbus didn't want to lose track of him!

Bowser flailed about impotently as his sole was assaulted.  It was like a scene from a cartoon he had seen about space bears!  How fortunate for him.  However, things quickly changed when he was tossed into a pool inside the cave.

"Hey!  What's the big ideAAA!" Bowser said before a suddenly jolt of ticklishness shot through his side.  He looked down and saw that an eel's fin had brushed against his side.  He saw a flash of light below him when he felt another eel's fin brush against his sole, a jolt of ticklishness flying through his body.  Electric Tickeels?  That's a good as name as any, right?

Bowser was excited but also a little nervous at what might happen.  Looking at the pool he was in, he could see that it was sorta like a cage that connected directly to the ocean.  The bars were big enough to let the eels in, and the Blooper's tentacles through, but not big enough to let him out.  If he wanted to escape, he had to reach up and grab the top edge of the cage and get out.  

He tried to do that, and the Blooper sprung into action.  Four tentacles dived in, two assaulting his pits, and two rubbing over his pecs and nipples.  Despite being large and slippery, they were amazingly ticklish, and Bowser guffawed and found himself letting go, falling back into the pool.  Two eels brushe over his belly, a ticklish surge flowing through it, making him yell with laughter.  He tried again, lifting himself up faster and protecting his chest and pits.  Once again, the blooper dove in with six tentacles.  Two grabbed his ankles, two wiggled over his soles, and the last two got at his belly.  Bowser laughed and, unable to pull himself up due to his ankles being trapped, was tossed back in.  This time, however, something different happened - something grabbed his ankles and held him in the water, with his head above it.  Looking down, Bowser could see that the seaweed had somehow snagged his ankles, the tickeels "grinning" at him.

"Bowser!  I'm here to save you!" Midbus panted, swimming in.  He made the best effort he could to punch the Blooper, but the Blooper simply grabbed his wrist with a tentacle.  Midbus tried to punch with his other fist, but the Blooper grabbed that one, too, and lifted him into the air.

"Let me go, beast!" Midbus said, struggling in the air.  Four tentacles positioned at his torso made him stop, "No wait!  I don't--"

The tentacles set to work, punishing Midbus' hubris.  Two wiggled into his armpits, making him squeal like the pig he was - the other two played with his chest, rubbing ticklishly over his nipples.  Midbus howled with laughter.  Unlike Bowser, he had yet to fully learn how to enjoy it, so this experience was somewhat uncomfortable for him!  And yet somewhat exciting, too.

Bowser noticed that the Tickeels stopped to eagerly watch as Midbus was tortured by the Blooper.  He growled a little, feeling angry that they had stopped paying attention to him.  He tried to kick one of the tickeels, who remembered him and brushed against his sole, making him roar with laughter.  Now that was more like it!

After sufficiently wearing him out, the Blooper placed Midbus in the "cage" with Bowser, the seaweed wrapping around his ankles, too.  Thankfully, the two of them had no trouble staying afloat with minimal effort... which was good because they were about to be driven to their limits!

The tickeels began to rub up against them, every contact sending little electric jolts that drove their senses wild.  Every time they tried to defend their ticklish spots, the tickeels would just find another - and there was no defending their restrained feet!  Midbus howled as loud as the king did.

Midbus found that with every jolt, against his belly, every finstroke against his soles or his chest, he found himself more and more comfortable with the idea of being tickled.  It was as Bowser said - once you let yourself relax, and focused on the good part of it, it was entirely fun!  Midbus managed to open his eyes, watching Bowser laughing his head off, who was clearly having a good time, too.

Eventually, the tickeels had their fill, and left.  The blooper lifted them up out of the pool, tired and exhausted as they were, and brought them safely to the beach.

"Th... thanks!" Midbus said to the Blooper.  The Blooper blinked in surprise, but made no legible response.  It blooper'd something, gave Midbus a friendly tickle on the belly, and left.

"Well, it's getting late, so we should get to the park!" Bowser said, standing up.  Midbus stood up, too, full of renewed vigor.



A short trip later, they arrived at the totally vacated amusement park, just as Bowser had reserved it.  A tickle-themed carnival had moved in and altered the rides for their ticklish tastes.  And Midbus was hungrier for it than ever.  After quenching their dry throats with refreshing ice cream, Bowser and Midbus decided to play their first game.

"Dunk the Hyena!" was the game, featuring a crude picture of a hyena getting tickled while balanced precariously on a small platform.  The tank itself was set up for that purpose, but there was no hyena.

"So... where is the hyena?" Midbus asked.

"Right here," Bowser said, climbing into the booth and standing on the platform, his hands raised up and gripping onto little bars, standing up on his toes to reach it.

Midbus looked down and noticed that there were controls to operate the tickle machine in the booth.  He decided to read the rules.

1. The tickler may not reach into the tank.
2. The ticklee must hold onto the bars.  The bars are placed in such a way that he has to stand on his toes.  Letting go of the bars, or pulling them down, means he gets dunked.
3. The water contains tickle fish that love to nibble!
4. If the ticklee falls in, he is punished by a full minute of the tickle fish.
Have fun!

Midbus grinned, taking hold of the controls.  He selected the first tool: Feathers.

The feathers were attached to robotic arms and had full movement due to the grids lining the tank.  Midbus directed them at the first vulnerable spot - Bowser's armpits.

"Gwahahahaha!  Y-you meanie!" Bowser said, laughing and being careful not to lift either of his legs up for fear of triggering the mechanism.  Midbus just grinned maliciously as he directed the feathers down Bowser's sides, down his legs, and to his exposed soles, sweeping up and down them.

Bowser roared with laughter, keeping control of himself somehow, as he strained to avoid lifting his feet away from the feathers.  Midbus decided to move on to the next tool, the feathers being put away as they were replaced, instead, with fuzzy little brushes.  The brushes scrubbed into Bowser's big belly, which bounced as the big koopa laughed, still maintaining his composure.

Midbus let Bowser have a breather as he looked at the remaining tools.  Most of them were pretty mundane, but the last one seemed perfect.  He pressed the button and two ray guns appeared in front of Bowser.

"Wait, what?" Bowser said, before the ray guns fired rays of light at his belly, massively ticklish sensations spreading from it.  Bowser roared with laughter, as Midbus directed the rays everywhere, even targetting his soles with it.  He quickly figured out that he could focus the ray's laser to focus the ticklishness on specific spots, which also made them more intense.  Bowser practically cried with laughter as the rays swept over his armpits, his arms quivering.

Midbus grinned maniacally.  Now it was time for the coup de grace.  Turning off the rays temporarily, he positioned them in front of Bowser's chest, aimed straight at the two most sensitive spots on his body, and focused.  Bowser instantly caught on and gave a gasp of shock, "Y-you wouldn't dare!" he said, panting.

"I dare," Midbus grinned before firing tightly focused rays at Bowser's nipples.  Bowser practically screamed with laughter, his knees buckling from the intense situations.  At last, he pulled down on the bars.  The platform dropped from under him, and the bars actually lowered him into the pool.

"Gackth!" Bowser said, falling in the water suddenly.  Mechanisms opened in the tank and Bowser suddenly started giggling.  Little tiny fish had come out of hiding places and were now nibbling over every part of his body they could reach.  They evaded any attempt to stop or grab them, nibbling between his toes, over his chest, and even wiggling into his pits.  For a minute, he was "forced" to endure this, until a buzzer sounded and the fish swam back into their hiding spots.  Bowser climbed out of the booth, his body abuzz with ticklish overload.

"Me next!" Midbus said, grinning.  Bowser grinned, pleased with his bud's progress, and chuckled, "Sure, but after that, let me take you on that roller coaster!  It'll be a riot!"

Midbus had a fantastic time on the rollercoaster, which used mechanical arms to tickle the chests and bellies of the poor occupants as their feet were carried over soft and fluffy textures.  Next, they went on the pirate ship ride, where animatronic pirates tied them to the mast, interrogating them with feathers.  After that, they played a game of bumper cars, where each bump turned on ticklish rollers attached to their captive soles, with each further bump increasing the intensity, until they were both laughing too hard to keep playing.

It all went by like a blur.  But finally, it was late enough that they had to go to bed.  They checked in at the hotel at Sirena Beach, each with a bed, and wished each other goodnight before they tucked themselves into their beds and close their eyes.


A creepy cackle woke them both up with a start.

"What was that!?" Midbus said, moving to throw off his blanket - which instead clung to him, wrapping around him.

"Midbus, are you-- gah!" Bowser said, his blanket doing the same thing.  They wrapped firmly around their torsos, hugging their arms close to them, conforming to their bodies.

That's when they noticed the Boos in the room.

"Oh that's right... this hotel is haunted," Bowser said, remembering his earlier escapades on Isle Delfino.

"You forgot!?" Midbus said, huffing angrily.  The fuzzy blanket responded to this, invisible fingers trailing over Midbus' chest, ticklishly teasing his nipples.  The boar guffawed instead.

"Yeah, I-- Gwahahah!" Bowser said, as the same thing must have happened to him.

The Boos suddenly rushed at Bowser and Midbus's legs, a tingling sensation spreading as the pair suddenly found that they lost control of their legs.  They were forced to walk out of their room and into the lobby, into a secret passage.  Every time they tried to stop, the blankets would punish them by tickling their bellies or chests, or getting up in their armpits and rubbing about.  Each and every step was ticklish, too, as somehow the ghost possession left everything from the knees down oversensitive, the carpets digging into their soft soles.

Eventually, they were brought to some sort of casino area... though it looked like it was set up for a magic show tonight.

"Koopas and Gentleboos!" a cackly voice rang out as a silly looking King Boo with a featheed crown appeared, "welcome to tonight's show!  It'll be a lot of LAUGHS!"

"King Tickleboo!" Bowser said, in recognition.  Midbus recognized him now - he was the Boo that saved them from Fawful's ship!

"In the ectoflesh!  And tonight, we'll be performing impossible feats of sorcery, all for the purpose of one last laugh for the day!"

The blankets let go of the two of them, but their legs continued to move without their consent.  They were forced to walk on stage and laid down in boxes that had dividers interspersed throughout - exposing their chests, bellies, legs, and of course, their heads and feet poking out at opposite ends.  Curiously enough, their arms were actually poking out of the sides of the box, unrestrained otherwise.  Midbus gulped - this didn't seem like the usual magic trick.

King Bootickle chuckled, conjuring ghost feathers.  Midbus watched as they floated down out of his sight, sweeping down his chest and belly, before giving each of his soles a swipe of the feather.  He giggled each time.

"As you can see, they are quite ticklish!  And now, for my first trick, I shall cut them in into pieces!"

Three ghostly "blades" fell through Midbus painlessly.  Disorientation struck him as he was pulled in different directions, and propped up.  could see his chest, belly, and feet at the other end of the stage, as well as Bowser's head and arms.  Bootickle laughed, conjuring more ghost feathers, which poked at Midbus' soles.  Midbus squealed, surprised at being able to watch his own feet being tickled from across the stage.

"And now, let's put them back together!"

Midbus felt a little disappointed, until he realized that Bowser's head and arms were being placed back on Midbus chest, body, and legs  Sure enough, the same happened to him, with Bowser's body being placed under his head and arms.

"Now go on, you two, give your new bodies a feel!"

Bowser grumbled at the phrasing of it, but ran his fingers over "his" belly, actually feeling Midbus guffawing.  Bowser perked up and immediately set about tickling into Midbus' belly, who flailed about unable to stop it.

"Gwahahaha!  You've got such a soft porkbelly!" Bowser teased.  Midbus knew he had to retaliate, and scritched into "his" chest, making Bowser roar in delighted surprise.  Trailing his claws in circles around Bowser's sensitive nipples was enough to send the poor koopa into hysterics, who retaliated by attacking Midbus' own nipples.

While they were busy taking advantage of the situation, Bootickle quietly wheeled their feet away.  They didn't even notice until they felt something wet and tickly sweep across their soles.  They both stopped, looking around.  Their feet had been placed next to some pirahna plants, who were eagerly licking at their trapped soles.  They cried out in laughter once again, their toes wiggling frantically as the plants nibbled and slurped all over their large feet.

After a time, they were properly put back together and released, none the worse for wear.

"And now for our next trick!  Or rather, their next trick.  Can they match the feats of the Great Boodini?"

"Wait, what?" they said in unison.

They were suddenly cuffed with their arms behind their back, and guided into some form of transparent chamber.

"Can they escape in time?  Or will they even want to?" Bootickle said, grinning.

The boos snickered, already guessing the answer.

Midbus struggled, trying to break the handcuffs, but they were simply too strong!  Bowser's efforst proved that he was just as trapped as Midbus was.  Midbus was actually somewhat nervous - they had no way to know what was going to happen.

That's when they noticed the tubes connected to the chamber.  Little floating jellyfish fluttered in, flying about without the aid of water.

"Tickle jellies?" Bowser mused, before one of them floated over to him and reached out its tendril, touching his belly.  Bowser giggled, which caused the creature to assault his belly with all of its tendrils, sending the poor koopa into laughter.  Midbus watched in nervous anticipation as one floated towards him, touching his pecs.  
It tickled awfully fierce, and when he laughed, the tickle jelly reacted by assaulting his chest, tickling over his pecs and nipples, each stroke more ticklish than the last!  Worse yet, more jellyfish were floating in, two latching onto Midbus' belly and tickling there.

Bowser tried to step on one, but his foot just went inside the jellyfish... which doubled his laughter, as the ticklish material of the tickle jellies went to work on his now trapped sole.  Midbus saw another one approach his feet, and backed away before tripping and falling on his butt.  He watched in delight as it grabbed onto his sole, tickling his toes with its tendrils and starting to engulf his foot.

After a few minutes of frantic laughter, the jellies increased their vicious assault, starting to actually engulf parts of their victims' chests and bellies, increasing the ticklishness and the sensitivity by tenfold.  Bowser and Midbus were happily helpless as jelly after jelly flooded in.  At some point, they even broke their handcuffs from sheer adrenaline, but it was far too late - they were completely engulfed in jellies, every inch of their bodies feeling the equivalent of billions of little claws scraping over their bodies.

At some point, all they knew was darkness.


Midbus awoke to something scraping against his sole.  He giggled, and sat up, watching a mischevious crab poking happily at his big foot.  It walked away, and he realized they must have passed out... or was it all a dream?

Looking at his nightstand, he saw a thank you note and a bottle containing one of the jellies.  It was definitely not a dream.  He smile over at Bowser, who was peacefully sleeping, a similar note and bottle on his nightstand.  This was definitely the best vacation he'd ever had.  And it was only the first day!

As he looked outside, he saw the Blooper from yesterday waving at him from the beach, its eyes brightening up when it saw Midbus. He grinned, taking a feather in his hand and walking over to the sleeping Bowser's feet.  
Time to wake up for a new day!
Bowser's Ticklish Adventures In: Isle Delfino
Finally! It's been, what, two years since my last entry in this?

I'm getting back into the groove a bit now. And as you might be able to tell, I've recently discovered that the chest is definitely my favorite place to tickle and touch guys - and be tickled and touched there :3

So this story reflects some of that, as will future stories. I'll definitely try to keep some variety going.

And with that, I'm proud to present the return of Bowser's Ticklish Adventures!
Forgive my lack of enthusiasm, not only am I frustrated with my life as a whole, I've also been encountering some problems.  Problems which I'd like to keep private for now.

But yeah.  As of October 16th, 2015, I'm 27.  Yay.…

It was due to a bile duct growth on July 11, 2015.

And to think, shortly before his death, he had to issue a public apology to a bunch of morons that collectively shit themselves because of what they perceived to be a bad E3 event.

I am livid.  He deserved better than spoiled rotten American gamers.  And he still graciously apologized to your entitled faces.  And you treated him like shit.
Forgive my lack of enthusiasm, not only am I frustrated with my life as a whole, I've also been encountering some problems.  Problems which I'd like to keep private for now.

But yeah.  As of October 16th, 2015, I'm 27.  Yay.


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No, no... The honor's all mine.
DarkotArts Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks a million for favouriting my "Bowser, Genie of the Pipe" picture earlier this year! I'm sorry it took me so long to send this message. I really appreciated it, though!
Zerrick Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No need to thank me for faving your stuff.  I should be thanking YOU for drawing it :D
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