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Bowser's Mirth Potions #3: Cirque de Sole

Author's Note: Bowser isn't owned by me, he's owned by Nintendo, yada yada.  Warnings from previous Mirth Potions chapters apply.

Chapter 3: Carnival of Laughter

"Thank the stars for internet," Bowser said to himself.  He hadn't thought to look on it before, but there was a whole website devoted to people who loved being tickling and being tickled.  It was simply called "Laughing Shell", started by something of a generic koopa.  Though surprisingly, many different kinds of species subscribed.  It wasn't surprising for him to notice that one of the members was known as the "GhostlyTicklerK1Ng".  No need to guess who that was.

Signing on as "MirthSpikeshell", Bowser took some time to lurk, introducing himself, and eventually even found himself chatting with the others.  They even had a chatroom set up.  That was when Bowser learned of an interesting place...

NoHandsTickler has entered the chat room.
NoHandsTickler: leik, sup doodz?
MirthSpikeshell: sup?
GhostlyTicklerK1Ng: h1 th3re, nohands.
ShellFeather: Hey, dude!
NoHandsTickler: has anyone heard of teh cirk de solle?
GhostlyTickleK1Ng: j00 m33n the "Cirque de Sole" :D
NoHandsTickler: watever
MirthSpikeshell: wat is teh "Cirque de Sole"
GhostlyTickleK1Ng: y, it's a circus... of TICKLES!
MirthSpikeshell: Rly?  Sounds fun.
ShellFeather: Basically, it's a circus for people who tickle and love to be tickled.  Only one person is admitted at a time, and then they're put through the treatment by the staff there.  Ticklers sign up as staff.  It's really fun, and they take either gender.
GhostlyTickleK1Ng: lol.  i bet bowser would love to go there.
NoHandsTickler: cum of it, dood.  we kno bowser didn't go to your manshin.
ShellFeather: Ghostly, please.  This is a site for people who love tickling.  This is not a site for you to slander our great Lord Bowser!
GhostlyTickleK1Ng: d00d, seriously.  u shuld be the 1rst koopa to leep for joy at that.  watver.  l8er, n00bz!
GhostlyTickleK1Ng has left the chat room.
MirthSpikeshell: wat a jerk
NoHandsTickler: srsly.  ooh, gf's home, gonna have some fun tonight.
ShellFeather: Oooh.  Have fun, then!
NoHandsTickler has signed off.
MirthSpikeshell: have fun
MirthSpikeshell: dangit i was late again
Shellfeather: So you want to visit the Cirque de Sole?  I warn you, it's a bit much even for me.  And I'm as much a ticklee as you are!
MirthSpikeshell: i can take it ;>
ShellFeather: Alrighty.  I'll send you an e-mail with the coordinates.
MirthSpikeshell: thx.

Bowser sighed.  Hunting and pecking for the keys on the keyboard was annoying.  He really needed to take typing lessons...

After printing out the directions to the Cirque de Sole, he began to walk over to the Clowncopter, humming to himself, walking past the barracks along the way.

"My Lord Bowser, I'm so pleased you're in a good mood!" one of his troops said to him.  Bowser nearly jumped out of his shell, casually hiding the directions behind his back.  The koopa troopa was assigned to barracks-cleaning duty that day, having come back from training exercises.

"Why, yes... a vacation is just what I need to get myself back to tip-top shape and defeat that Mario!"

The koopa troopa beamed happily, "Yes, My Lord!  I will make sure the barracks are sparkly clean to make you even happier!" and, grabbing a mop, began to passionately mop the floor.  Bowser continued on his way, eventually getting into his Clowncopter and taking off.

"I know my troops are loyal... but I wish more of my troopas were like that koopa!" Bowser thought to himself.  "If he does a good job cleaning those barracks, he might even deserve a promotion as the standard of koopa excellence!"

It took him awhile to get there, but when he did, he could see it from miles away.  A brightly lit place with many spotlights streaming into the sky, and colors up the wazoo.  Landing nearby, drinking up his potion, Bowser walked up to the entrance.

"That'll be 50 coins ple-- Ohmigawd!  Are you King Bowser!?"

Bowser turned towards the attendant, trying not to look too scared.  He should have planned for this...

The attendant was a female goomba with a red wig and white powder up on her face.  She was staring in shock at King Bowser.

(AN - sorry for the short description of the attendant, but... she's a goomba.  There isn't much TO describe!)

"W-well... I must say... I never expected that... it's an honor, your highness!  I live in the civilian section of your castle!  I won't breathe a word of this to anyone!"

Bowser folded his arms and smiled to himself.  The problem resolved itself quite easily, in fact.

"You're a good citizen!" he said.  "Your king is proud of you!"

She looked quite happy with that.

"Go right in.  This session is on me!" she exclaimed, having a fangirl squeal afterwards.

"For once, I'm getting lucky!" Bowser thought to himself, walking on in.  "No, wait that sounds wrong... wait, why do I even care?  This is just my inner mono--"

"WELCOME WELCOME!" a koopa clown shouted in front of him, Bowser yelling in surprise and almost unleashing his fire breath.

"Don't sneak up on me like that!" Bowser roared in anger.

"Chill out, chill ouut!~" the koopa said, taking a feather duster out of nowhere and attacking Bowser's belly with it.

"G...Gwahahahaha!" Bowser laughed, clutching his belly and stepping back a bit.

"There, isn't that better? I must say, it's quite an honor to be in your presence, your highness.  But here, you're just another client.  And don't worry, we aren't supposed to share any client information with anyone.  And now..." the koopa slipped back into character, his goofy voice loud and annoying, "Hyuk hyuk hyuk!  Can you survive the Five Attractions of Gigglemore?  Any client who manages to participate in all five attractions will net themselves a special prize!  Will you be the one to do it, tough guy?"

Bowser growled.  That voice was getting on his nerves... "I'm King Bowser!  I can take everything you can throw at me!"

"Hyuk hyuk hyuk!  Then get at it, big guy!"

Bowser immedatiely stomped towards the nearest attraction, the "Barrel o' Laughs", if only to get away from the clown's annoying voice.

Attraction 1: The Barrel o' Laughs

Upon entering, he found what appeared to be an empty room with a circle on the floor with a desk nearby.  Manning the desk was a Para-Koopa.

"Ahem... welcome to the Barrel o' Laughs!  The rules are simple - get trapped in the barrel o' laughs and endure for a full fifteen minutes!  Though you do not have to stay standing... do know that if you fall over, I will be coming over there to torture your vulnerable soles!"

Bowser gulped.  Too awesome...

"Well then, bring it on!" Bowser said, laughing in arrogance.

"Then stand in that circle" The Para-Koopa said.

Bowser stood in the circle and watched as the Para-Koopa pushed a button behind the counter.  Immediately, a barrel came from above and fell on him, pinning his arms to his sides.

"Rrrgh!" Bowser said, struggling against the barrel for a moment.  That was incredibly tough wood...

And with a click, he could hear machinery in the barrel turning on.

Inside the barrel was a simple, yet devious system.  Lining the inside of the barrel were horizontal rings.  Attached to each ring was three feathers, all spread out equally.  These rings were situated at various heights.  The top and bottom rings turned clockwise, while the middle ring turned counter clockwise.  In Bowser's case, this meant the feathers were tickling his chest, his upper belly, and his lower belly.

Of course, he began laughing.  Unable to even move his arms forward, he could not stop as the upper ring's feathers began to tickle over his nipples repeatedly and periodically.  His big belly was his undoing, however, as it suffered from two sets of feathers tickling over it.  His roaring laughter easily filled the room as his legs made him wander about, adrenaline keeping him from staying still.  To make matters worse, every thirty seconds, the feathers would pick up speed, tickling faster and more often.

Of course, Bowser was enjoying himself.  It used to be he just liked the tickling sensation, but now he was getting addicted to another aspect of it - the feeling of helplessness!  He could not move his arms an inch, and his efforts to break the barrel were all for naught.  He was stuck there, getting tickled, and he could do nothign about it.  And he loved it.  The tickling was making it hard to keep his balance, however, and he nearly fell over a couple of times.  The Para-Koopa was on the edge of his seat, waiting for that moment.

Five minutes in, it happened.  Bowser's foot raised in the air, but his weight was shifted in another direction, and he soon found himself falling on his back.  His feet were helpless!  The ParaKoopa launched into the air, landing eagerly at Bowser's vulnerable feet, which he was now tying together with some extra strength rope.

"I've been wanting to do this for a long... LONG... time!" the ParaKoopa said, cracking his knuckles.  Wasting no time, he dig his fingers into Bowser's large soles, raking up and down.  Bowser was in hysterics, roaring with laughter, unable to do anything as his nipples, belly, and soles were being mercilessly tickled.  And the barrel was continuing to speed up, his nipples now constantly tickled, his belly heaving with laughter, which only pushed it more into the devilish feathers.

Ten minutes in, tears were streaming down Bowser's face.  The feathers were spinning fast now, and it felt like a whrilwind of ticklish torture was covering his body.  The Para-Koopa was merciless, too, tickling into Bowser's arches, scritching his heels, digging into the balls of his feet, and teasing the toes.

"Man... listen to you laugh... I don't know if you know this, but... for those of us who like tickling... many of us wish we could get you right.  in this.  position.  To make you laugh.  To make you beg - though it's not likely that last part will happen anymore.  But this is just as good." To punctuate that, the Para-Koopa began to actually lick into Bowser's sole, dragging his tongue in a ticklish trail up the foot from the heel all the way up to the toes.

Bowser's roaring hit a new volume - not only was this treatment extremely ticklish, but the feathers had sped up again.   He was helpless, being dominated by a creature much smaller than him... and he was loving it.  That fact alone surprised him.  It was still an embarrassing situation, to be sure, but that made every ticklish stroke better.

Thirteen minutes in, and the para-koopa was nibbling on Bowser's large toes, stopping to trail the tip of his koopa-beak down Bowser's soles.  Bowser's voice was actually starting to get hoarse from all the laughing, but even so, he didn't stop loving it, even splaying his toes to help the Para-Koopa out - who quickly took advantage and got his beak in there, scritching at that sensitive area.  His hands had begun to tickle the tops of Bowser's feet.

"You win!" sounded from the barrel, and soon, the tickling in the barrel stopped, though the Para-Koopa kept at it for another few seconds before stopping.  The barrel opened, allowing Bowser get out of it.

"Man... I did NOT want to stop," The Para-Koopa said, "ah well.  Wait here a moment."

Bowser sat, panting.  He had quite a bit of stamina in himself left yet, but that machine took a surprising amount out of him.  The koopa came back with some sort of drink, and what looked like a small golden barrel.

"This is the proof that you have conquered this challenge.  And this is to restore your voice."

Bowser took a drink of the strange drink.  It was some sort of honeyed drink, and was cool and soothing.  It didn't take long for Bowser's voice to regain its former glory.

"That was fun," Bowser admitted.  The Para-Koopa grinned, handing him the golden barrel, which Bowser stored away.

"Time to move on," Bowser said, standing up.  Giving the Para-Koopa the thumbs up, he left for the next attraction.

Attraction 2: The Snake Charmer

Upon entering the room, Bowser noticed a magikoopa sitting in front of a stone table, holding an exotic flute in his hand.  There were many holes on the sides of the table, so they probably contained snakes...

"Hello, your highness.  If you wish to experience the mystical torture of the snake charmer... simply lay down on the table and allow me to strap you in."

Bowser gave the magikoopa a weird look, laying back on the table.  With the wave of his hand, the magikoopa summoned straps that bound Bowser's hands above his head, and his ankles together and to the foot of the table.  Now he was trapped... and the snake charmer began his tune.

Snakes, nearly hypnotized, rose out of the holes on the side of the table, facing the vulnerable king.  Following their training, they advanced on the king slowly.  The ones on either side out him reached out, flicking their long forked tongues into his exposed armpits.  Already, Bowser burst into laughter.  After that, more snakes advanced, flicking their tongues over his sides and belly, with four snakes getting at his belly at once.  More got at his knees, licking his surprisingly sensitive kneecaps.  With each new snake added, Bowser's laughter got more and more intense.  Next were his large feet, four snakes flicking their tongues over and into his soles and toes.  The last two snakes remained poised over his nipples, strangely smiling.  Bowser stared at him, eager for them to begin, wondering why they didn't...

Suddenly, the snake charmer's tune began to pick up, and the two snakes dived their tongues down, circling them around Bowser's sensitive nipples.  Not only that, but the other snakes sped up their tongues.

ParaKoopa nearly dropped the barrel he was resetting the "trap" with.  "Wow... I can hear his laughter from all the way over here."

Bowser's laughter nearly drowned out the snake charmer's music.  His whole body was tingling from the torture he was experiencing.  And suddenly... the snakes stopped, though a new song started.  Bowser panted, watching the snakes retreat... until he saw a shadow cast over his belly.  Looking up, he saw a GIANT cobra, with odd feathery markings on its hood.  Bowser was understandably shocked.  The Cobra bared its fangs... and then launched some sort of spray from it, covering Bowser in it.

"Wh... what!?" Bowser grumbled.  Luckily, none of it was aimed towards his face, so none of it got in his eyes... but his scaled skin began to tickle a bit from the strange poison that covered him.  And then the cobra lowered its huge tongue, flicking the forks of it across his belly.

Bowser screamed at a whole new volume - it tickled!  It tickled so much!  The cobra grinned at him, and Bowser soon realized what that poison was - it was a sesnsitizing poison.  The cobra resumed its licking, and Bowser screamed with laughter, arching his back and struggling out of pure instinct.  His brain couldn't even handle thought, that's how much it tickled.  The cobra moved up, thoroughly slurping one of Bowser's armpits, tears streaming down his cheek as he screamed with his immense laughter.  Once the cobra got at his nipples though... game over!  Bowser's laughter was so intense it went silent.  He couldn't even vocalize.  It was just a silent scream followed by a gasp for air.

The tickling stopped, and Bowser panted for air.  His body was tingling both from the tickle overload and the poison.  He was being forced to experience this... he felt his tail wagging.  This was too fun!  And he could see the cobra approaching his soles... giving it a grin, he spread his toes.

The cobra took his invitation and licked between the toes.  Bowser's silent screams once again came forth, his body quivering as his body arched all the way.  His soles were getting pathed by this cobra, and his body yearned for freedom, but at the same time, it yearned for this to continue.  Before Bowser had time to mentally navel-gaze about this, however, the song stopped, as did the cobra.

"Impressive... just what I would expect from the king of the koopas." The magikoopa said, pushing a button.  Immediately, warm water showered over Bowser, causing him to giggle maniacally as the water tickled over his poisoned-sensitive skin.  However, it soon became less ticklish as the water washed the poison away.  The magikoopa gave Bowser a tower to dry off with and came back with a golden snake.

"This is the proof that you have conquered this challenge." the magikoopa said, "once you have rested, you may move on."

"Thanks..." Bowser said, panting a bit.  "If I had not been me, I would not have passed that challenge..." Bowser thought to himself.  That was a bit fishy... but he was proud, anyways.  Not to menion that was quite fun for him.  After a moment, he got up and moved to the next attraction.

Attraction 3 - Pirahna Trainer

"Back!  Back, beast!" a goomba said, somehow wielding what looked like a whip with feathers all over it.  And the victim of said feather-whip was... a pirahna plant, who was grinning as if laughing.

Bowser tilted his head.  Pirahna Plants are ticklish?

"Oh, sorry about that, your majesty.  This is their daily training - they have fun.  I assume you're here for the challenge then?"

Bowser nodded.  "How are you holding that whip, by the way?"

"I'm holding it by shut up.  Now then... sit in that chair."

"Excuse me!?  You don't just order the King of the Koopas around!"

"You'll be a fun one to break... if you want to be tickled, which I'm sure is the entire reason you're here, you may sit in the chair."

"That's more like it!" Bowser said, sitting in the chair.  The goomba came by with some rope, tying Bowser to the chair, pinning his arms behind him.  After admiring and testing his handiwork, the goomba came over with a paint brush and a can of some gooey substance.

"This isn't no easy-as-pie endurance challenge like you've faced before.  Those are easy for anyone to do if they enjoy being tickled.  However, this challenge, you'll have to work at." the goomba said gruffly.

"Meaning?" Bower questioned.

"...Meaning you can lose this one no matter how much you love tickling.  Though the goal is to last only five minutes... you must not laugh.  Laugh once, and you'll lose this challenge! To be kind, snorting is allowed."

Bowser bit his lip.  This would be tough... but his moment of doubt immediately cleared away.

"I'm King Bowser!  I can take anything you throw at me!"

"Humph!  Very well then.  Starting now... you may not laugh."

The goomba dipped the wide paint brush into the bucket and began to spread it over the king's big soles.  Bowser bit his lip, quelling his laugh in his throat.  The sensation was so wonderful, but laughing here would be a complete embarrassment!  His only respite was when the goomba had to dip the brush back in the bucket.

"Bloody big feet, making a poor goomba's life harder..."

Bowser would have growled if the goomba hadn't immediately applied the brush to his sole again, moving up and getting the toes again.  A minute passed, and the goomba had finished.  Only four minutes to go...

...and the Pirahna plants were licking their chops.

"Din-dins!~" The goomba called out, pushing the pots over to Bowser's soles.  Wasting now time, the pirahna plant immediately began to slurp up Bowser's soles, taking off a thin layer of the substance with them.

Bowser just about lost it, making a muffled noise that was thankfully not discernable as laughter.  Snorting a couple of flames out of his nostrils, he quivered, forcing himself to breath steadily and not laugh.  The substance wasn't so easily licked off as it seemed, sticking to Bowser's soles and requiring multiple licks to take off.  Bowser let out another flaming snort as a pirahna plant began nibbling on the ball of his foot.

This was hard!  And yet... the prospect of this was fun in and of itself.

Then the pirahna plants began nibbling at his toes.

"Nnnggghh!!" Bowser sounded, grinning like an idiot, barely able to keep his laughter in.  The pirahna plants were ruthless, nibbling and licking with no regard for his suffering.  The goomba just sat back and watched, no mercy or even interest on his face.

Bowser lost track of time.  He didn't know how much longer he needed to keep it, he just knew that he did.  It was incredibly hard with two big pirahna plant tongues getting between his toes and slurping.  His cheeks were red from how hard he was containing the need to laugh.

And then both plants, almost as if working in unison, savagely nibbled at the balls of his feet at the same time.

"HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAGHNNOOHOHOOOO!!!"  Bowser yelled.  The tickling went on for a few more seconds before the pots were pulled away, the plants whining at being taken away from such a delicious treat.

He had failed.  Bowser hung his head, embarrassed beyond belief.  He couldn't even last five minutes without laughing...

"...That was impressive.  You managed to last a whole seven minutes."

"...What?" Bowser said, looking up.  "I thought you said I only needed to last five minutes."

"Yes, well... I wanted to see how long you'd last."

Bowser growled at the goomba... and then grinned

"You're a cruel one.  I like that."

"Comes with being a former interrogator." the goomba said, untying Bowser.  "Now then, here's your badge, get out of here, my pirahna plants need their rest."

Bowser took the golden symbol of the pirahna plant and moved to the next attraction.

Attraction 4: Rollercoaster of Mirth

Bowser found himself standing at the entrance to a rollercaster.  He could see that there was just one seat... and it had all sorts of devious restraints.

A speaker near the entrance crackled on, and an automated, synthesized voice spoke up.  "Welcome to the Rollercoaster of Mirth.  Sit down to be bound.  To begin, reach up and grab the bar.  The goal is to survive the ride without letting go of the bar.  Thank you.  And have a nice day."

Bowser grinned, remembering his adventures in the pyramid.  Sitting down, he saw his ankles and legs get bound by leather straps, little machinated shackles grabbing onto his toeclaws and pulling them back, rendering his soles taut and his toes immobile.  He looked up and saw the bar above him... and then, taking a deep breath, reached up and grabbed it.

Immediately, the ride began to move forward.  Unlike other roller coasters, this one didn't have much in the way of rises and falls... but Bowser guessed it made up for it in other ways.  The coaster moved forward, heading into a cave.

Bowser's soles immediately felt a stiff scratchy material moving across it, causing him to guffaw with laughter.  His armpits would twitch every time a lone feather would sweep across them, psyching him out.  Soon, the coaster left the cave, and Bowser was somewhat relieved to find himself still clinging to the bar.  Moving forward, he saw the next obstacle... a pair of toads with long sticks, a feather at the end of each.

"Here comes King Bowser?" The male toad said to the female one.

"Indeed.  Let's give him a laugh." the female replied.

The rollercoaster slowed to a crawl just as it reached them, and, smirking, they immediately began to whirl their feather spears into Bowser's exposed hollows.  Bowser began to laugh hard, his growling voice echoing through the air.  Bowser's arms quivered, fighting their urge to pull down and end the torture.  But it didn't stop there...

"Kitchy kitchy, Lord Bowsie!" the male toad taunted.

"What a ticklish beastie!  Isn't he cute!?" the female toad commented.

Bowser blushed from embarrassment.  This was too much!  He loved the tickling, loved the feeling of helplessness, but the taunting was just too much.  Hesitantly, he did admit to himself that he enjoyed it, but he couldn't pinpoint why because he hated it.  And the roller coaster crawled on, leaving his armpits exposed to them for as long as possible.

"Oooh, looks like he's almost made it!" the male toad said.

"Yeah!  Let's go for the sweet spots!" the female toad said.

And with that, they lowered their feather-spears, swirling into Bowser's nipples.  He roared with laughter, his sweaty hands struggling to hold onto the bar.

"Wow, look at that!  He really is hyper-ticklish there!" The male toad said.

"Yeah!   Aww, is the big buff beastie weak to a tiny little feather tickling therrre?"

Bowser blushed deeper as that comment impressed upon him the ridiculousness of his situation.  Before he had time to say anything, though, the rollercoaster jerked forward as it picked up speed again.  Panting hard, Bowser clung onto the bar, which was getting increasingly harder due to the sweat on his hands and now the bar.

Looking up, he noticed a sign called "From this point on, feather dusters."  Looking forward, he could see that the rest of the track had feather dusters coming up... and his taut soles would be running across it.  His heart throbbed with happiness a moment before he sped across them.  His soles were helpless, the feathers swishing over every inch, getting between his captive toes.  He began to roar with laughter again.  This was more like it!

Suddenly, he could hear the female toad's voice to the left of him.

"Awww, is the big old beastie enjoying the feathers sweeping across his large, helpless solllesss?~"

Bowser blushed again.  There were tracks running parallel to his, and the toads were riding it!  They snickered at his reaction.

"We're part of the obstacle, you know..." the male toad said.

"And we're not gonna leave you alone!  Hehehe!" The female toad giggled.

Bowser squirmed in his seat.  He hated feeling embarrassed!  And to see two TOADS looking down at him as he was having his feet tickled - and enjoying it no less! - Bowser felt practically NAKED!

...Even though he's already naked, but, you know.

Bowser managed to catch the fact that his hands were slipping again and managed to hold onto the bar tighter.  The two toads just laughed.

"He's quite a toughie, though, isn't he?" The female toad said appreciatingly.

"True, true.  It's too bad we'll have to leave him just before he enters the Spider Forest."

"SPIDER WHAHAHAT!?" Bowser said, remembering his experience with one at the Boo Mansion's basement.

"Well, see ya!" The toads said as their tracks moved away... and Bowser saw the entrance to a plastic forest with fake spider webs.  His feet were still being tickled by feather dusters, but as he entered, he had a feeling much worse was above to happen.

"Bring it on!" he thought to himself.

And thus, it was brought on.  The coaster was suddenly lifted from the tracks by a giant spider.  Bowser's eyes widened in surprise.  Then, using its next set of legs, the arachnid lowered to fuzzy armed and began to rake Bowser's exposed armpits.

Bowser screamed with laughter, the fuzz MUCH worse than the pointed tips of the spider from Bootickle's Mansion.  Bowser laughed hard, squirming in his seat, and it didn't help when the next set of legs began to torture his nipples.

"OH COHOHOME OHOHONN!!" he yelled.  He was enjoying the tickling, no doubt, but it was getting much harder to hold onto the bar.  The spider's eyes stared at him as it continued to tickle him in those four spots, never ceasing in intensity.  After a moment, Bowser found himself being lowered to the track again... but with two smaller spiders on top of his belly.

"Wh-whaahahhat?" Bowser said, feeling the feathers sweeping over his feet as the cart moved again.  The spiders crawled up him, their feet tickling over his belly, then his chest, until they got to his armpits... in which they began to scribble their furry little legs into them.  He began laughing anew, having to deal with them for the rest of the trip.

He was surprised to find the feather dusters stop, and the spiders stopped tickling as well, unleashing web parachutes and floating into the air.  He slowly came into a stop at the exit, gripping the bar so tight he was actually having trouble opening his hands.  Once it came to a stop, his bonds released him, and he stood up, panting hard.  With a "clunk clunk", a golden roller coaster emptied from a dispenser near him, and two photos popped out just above it.  "Thank you, and have a nice day!" the automated voice said.  Bowser took the golden roller coaster and looked at the pictures.  One picture showed his face while he was laughing, tears streaming down his face, as the spiders were torturing his armpits.  The other showder the feather dusters sweepign across his soles.  Blushing a bit at the memory being preserved, Bowser stored the pictures and the golden roller coaster and moved onto the final attraction.

Attraction 5: Yoshi Mania

Bowser entered the big tent at the far end of the grounds and came face to face with the ringmaster... a blue yoshi.

"Welcome, Bowser, to the fifth attraction!  And your final one, too.  This is... Yoshi Mania!  It's three events in a row.  Fail one, and you fail them all.  Win... and you get the big prize!  Are you ready?"

"That's KING Bowser!" Bowser grumbled, folding his arms, "and I'm ready!"

"Very well then... let's begin!"

It took some setting up.  But eventually, Bowser stood at one end of the tent, holding a giant watermelon above his head.  At the other end was a grinding.  And between him and the target... were a bunch of yoshis.

"Rules are as follows: Get to the grinder without letting any of the yoshis take a bite out of that juicy watermelon!  They are not allowed to restrain you, but rest assured, they will be doing everything in their power.  Match ends after five minutes." the ringmaster said, standing on a platform above everything.

Bowser nodded, "let's get this going already!"

"Ready... go!" The ringmaster yelled.

Bowser immediately began to move forward, carrying the giant watermelon (that was at least six times his own size) over to the grinder.  It being so large, it actually slowed him down a bit... which made him a prime target for the yoshis.  Which he found out when the pack of yoshis were not only above to keep up with him, but they weren't even running.

"Well well well..." said a green yoshi, "gonna hand over that watermelon?"

Bowser grinned, "Not on your life."

The yoshi grinned back, "Challenge accepted."

Immediately, The yoshis all snaked their tongues out, attacking the rather vulnerable Bowser.  Two tongues snaked into his armpits, slurping up and down.  Another began to tease his nipples.  Fourth made rapid swirls on his belly.  Another two would slurp down his soles whenever he took a step and exposed them.

Bowser let out a loud roar of laughter, nearly losing his balance and dropping the watermelon.  Yoshi tongues!  The bane of all ticklish creatures!  Bowser could not stop roaring, struggling to keep moving forward despite his immense nerve overload.  Step by ticklish step he moved forward, getting closer and closer to the grinder.  Finally, he managed to get to it and, with a great heave, threw the watermelon into the grinder.  The yoshis stopped, and he panted for air.

"That wasn't very nice." One of them said.

"Yeah, he should be punished."

"W-what?" Bowser said, in confusion.

"Ah, when I said the match ends after five minutes, I meant that regardless of whether you won or lost.  It took you two minutes to succeed in the task... so the yoshis have you for three minutes.  Good luck!" The ringmaster said.

Immediately the yoshis pounced Bowser, pinning him to the ground.  He felt his feet lifted up and about four different tongues slurping across his soles, while the Yoshi's near-invisible fingernails began to attack his belly, armpits, and nipples.

Bowser was completely unable to do anything but wiggle and laugh.  The yoshis had him, and they could do anything to him for the next three minutes.  one of the yoshis at his feet managed to snake his long tongue between the toes TWICE, tickling two toe-crotches at once.  Thankfully, three minutes didn't take long, so sooner than he wanted, Bowser was let up.

"Hmmph... stopping too soon..." Bowser said to himself.  One of the yoshis nearby giggled and Bowser blushed.  "Inner monologuing is INNER, Bowser." he thought to himself.

"Now, this next challenge is an interesting one.  The goal is actually to get tickled.  Each Yoshi wants something different.  Do that for them, and they'll tickle you.  The goal is to get all the Yoshis to tickle you.  You have thirty minutes." the ringmaster said.

Bowser nodded, looking at the four Yoshis.  The rest had gone to prepare for something.

"Ready?  Go!"

Bowser rushed forward, running up to the closest Yoshi, a yellow Yoshi.

"Well, what can I do for you, yellow?"

The yellow yoshi thought to himself for a moment and grinned.  "I want to have a big sneeze!"

"What." Bowser said flatly.

"You heard me."

Bowser thought hard for a moment.... how to make a yoshi sneeze?  Looking around, he noticed that there were an awful lot of feathers about.  Picking one up, he grinned at the yellow yoshi.  Taking the Yoshi's snout in hand, he teased the feather near the nostrils.  The yoshi giggled, but his nose twitched.  Gently, Bowser teased the feather into the nostril.

"Gnn... ahhh...!!"

Bowser nodded... this was going well.  He teased the feather in and out, the yoshi's nose twitching as he made noises.

"Aaah.... AAhhhh....!!"

The yoshi took quite awhile to build up, Bowser teasing all inside the nostril.

"Aaaaaaaahh.... AAACHHOO!!" The yoshi suddenly sneezed, spraying Bowser.

"Aww, geez, bleugh!" Bowser said, wiping as much of the yoshi-sneeze off as he could.  

"Thanks... that feels a lot better," the yellow yoshi said.  As soon as Bowser had finished, he pounced him.  "Now to help you!" and began to tickle Bowser's belly with his nails, causing the koopa king to laugh loud and arch his back.

"Gitchy gitchy!" the Yoshi said, and Bowser felt the familiar embarrassed flush of being teased.  Still, though, he didn't resist, enjoying the sensation of the scratchy nails running over his big belly.

"You know, your belly is actually quite tough..." the yoshi said, digging in, "and so big.  It's kinda cute!"

Bowser wasn't quite sure how to take the compliment, laughing heartfully.  Soon, the yoshi stopped.

"Thanks for the sneeze. And see ya at the next event!"

Bowser ran up to the next yoshi, the green one that talked to him in the previous one.

"I know what you're gonna ask," the green one said, "and I'll tell you what I want..."

The yoshi grinned, sitting down.  "I want to my feet tickled!"

Bowser blinked.  This was unusual... then again, so was the yellow yoshi's request.  Ripping off the Yoshi's boots and socks, he looked at Yoshi's big green soles, three toes each of which capped with a clearly visible white claw.  Grinning, he grabbed the Yoshi's ankles with his arm and proceeded to dance his claws across the Yoshi's soles.

The yoshi immediately squealed with laughter, arching his back and wriggling about.  His toes flailed about too, which Bowser immediately dives his claws under, tickling, causing another new squeal.  The yoshi's fists beat upon the ground as Bowser's claws mercilessly scritched at the arches.  And then, Bowser got the idea for a spot of revenge...

"Kitchy kitchy koo, little Yoshi..." Bowser teased, his gruff voice adding to the taunt.

"NOHOHOHOHO!!" The yoshi squealed, blushing.

"Aww, are the poor Yoshi's feet ticklish?  I bet that's why he has to run around in boots all the time.  Can't handle the tickling~"

The Yoshi laughed hard, splaying his toes, Bowser's claws immediately diving between them and tickling hard.

"Poor yoshi... trapped here, with me tickling his beeeg feeet!  Or... does the Yoshi want this?"

The yoshi blushed deeper from embarrassment.  Bowser grinned... and felt a little envy.  He needed a mirth potion to enjoy tickling, but here the Yoshi was enjoying it on his own.

"Yes, the yoshi wants this!  He wants the big mean bully Bowser to rake his claws up and down his soles forever and ever, just like this!"  Bowser raked his soles down the yoshi's soles, causing a squeal of laughter.

Suddenly, Bowser understood exactly why the Toads taunted him.  It was fun!

Soon, Bowser stopped, and the yoshi panted.

"Phew... thanks... now I gotta do YOU a favor!" The yoshi said, his tongue lashing out and getting at Bowser's belly.  Bowser fell backwards, tucking his arms behind his head as he laughed the tongue sweeping over his huge belly like a broom sweeping over a dusty floor.

And then Bowser had a new fit of laughter as he felt six sharp claws rake down his soles.  Looking down, he saw the Yoshi raking his toeclaws down Bowser's own soles, surprisingly adept with them.  The tongue snaked up, licking into Bowser's armpit, who began to roar with laughter.

"I could listen to that laughter all day..." the ringmaster said to himself, keeping an eye on the timer.

All too soon, the tickling had to stop, and the Green Yoshi put his shoes and socks back on.

"There you go.  Onto the next one!" The yoshi said, urging him on.  Bowser immediately ran up to a white yoshi.

"Well, what do you want?" Bowser said.

"Well.. uh... this is a bit embarrassing..." the yoshi said.

"Out with it!" Bowser growled.

"Okay okay, chill out!  I... um... I want the black yoshi's socks."

Bowser just blinked.  Then, turning, he proceeded to head over to the black yoshi.

"You weren't finished with the white yoshi...?" The yoshi said, half questioningly.

"Actually, that's the thing.  He, um... he wants your socks."

The black yoshi blinked in surprise.  "Well, I'm not doing anything for you until you do something for me."

"Yes, yes, what is it?"

"I want you to tickle yourself."

Bowser blinked... and then grinned.  This was more like it.  "Where?"

"On your belly."

Bowser chuckled, and then lowering his claws to his own belly, began to rake his claws over it.  It wasn't the same as other ticklish feelings, but it certainly was a sensation.  Bowser grinned uncontrollably as he danced his claws over his own belly, spidering over it, and wiggling his claws.

"Y...yes.. that's enough!" The black yoshi said, panting.  "Now it's my turn!" Pouncing him the black yoshi immediately dug his fingernails into Bowser's nipples, making Bowser arch his back, making him roar with laughter.  The black yoshi seemed to focus on those nipples exclusively, even taking advantage of one of the feathers nearby to start feathering them.  eventually, he stopped.

"Whew... you aim for the jugular, don't you?" Bowser said.

"Hehehe... you bet."  The black yoshi took his boots off, taking off his socks and handing them to Bowser.  Bowser took them, pinching his nose shut.  "They reek!!"

"Well, don't yell at me!  After all, they're not for you." the black yoshi said, pushing him towards the white yoshi, "Now go!"

Bowser came back to the white yoshi holding the socks. "Hee uu dgo" Bowser said, trying not to breath in the scent too much.  The white yoshi, unaffected by the potency of the scent snatched them out of Bowser's hands.

"Let's see... white... with blue toes and heel... the scent and texture are perfect... perfect!" The white yoshi, storing the socks, turned back to Bowser.  "Well then... let's finish this up!"

The white yoshi extended his tongue, licking the tops of Bowser's feet.  Surprised, Bowser let out a guffaw and fell on his butt.  The yoshi took advantage of this and began to slurp at Bowser's exposed soles.  Bowser laid back, enjoying the torture, his feet wiggling and toes splaying.  Eventually, the yoshi stopped.

"Aaaaand 30 minutes.  Congratulations Bowser, you won!" the ringmaster said, running up to Bowser

Bowser let out a roar of victory.  "What's next then?"

"Well... this."  The ringmaster pulled out some sort of raygun, shooting Bowser with it.  It didn't hurt or tickle.

"What's this?" Bowser said, and then noticed that the yoshis, and, well, everything were getting smaller.  "Wait... what'd you do to me!"

Bowser was growing bigger, stopping only once his hair almost touched the top of the tent.  Looking down, he noticed how small all of them are... the yoshis were as big as his toes!  Of course, they were also moving aside, out of his way almost.

The Ringmaster activated a loudspeaker and used it to call up to Bowser, "Okay then.  Carefully lie down."

Bowser did as he was told, lying down.  He did so carefully, being careful not to break anything. Then, once he was lying down, he could hear the Yoshis run up, throwing ropes over him and trying them to stakes.  Soon, he was tied to the ground like Gulliverkoopa did when he encountered a village of tiny koopas.

Bowser struggled against the ropes.  Despite his great strength, greatly amplified by his now giant size, he couldn't budge them an inch.

"What's the goal this time, ringmaster?" Bowser said, his voice booming through the tent.

"The goal is simply to endure the tickling for a full half an hour.  But it will be intense... we're bringing in the entire crew!"

Bowser waited as the others came in.  He saw the Para-Koopa fly in, looking him over.  Then came the charmer magikoopa followed by his giant tickler Cobra.  Even the Pirahna Tamer came, pulling a bunch of pirahna plants on a cart.

It didn't take long for them to get into position surprisingly, though Bowser couldn't really see them.

"Ready?" The ringmaster called out.  The others shouted in reply.  "Go!" The ringmaster announced.

Immediately, Bowser realized the disadvantage of being a giant.  His ticklishness hadn't gone down, in fact, it had been amplified!  And with more surface area, there was more to tickle!  Two of the pirahna plants had been brought up to Bowser's now-giant nipples by a couple of yoshis, and were now licking and nibbling at the very sensitive center.  The yoshis themselves dug their nails into the rest of the nipple, licking too.  There was a toad on each of his shoulders, sticking each long feathers on poles into Bowser's armpits, swirling them around.  No matter how tightly he pulled his arms in, the feathers would tickle unobstructed.  Several yoshis had bought cleaning equipment to his belly, and were now scrubbing, mopping, and brushing the large, ticklish surface.  He could even feel the toeclaws of the green yoshi, who having removed his boots and socks, were using them to tickle wherever he walked.  Bowser's knees were experiencing quite a torture, too, as four yoshis sat, two to each knee, and began to ticklishly knead them.  But the coup de grace was the action going on at his now massive soles.  Towering into the air, there was a lot of surface area, and a lot of ticklishness.  The giant cobra had sprayed both soles with the sensitivity poison, and was now licking one of the soles with his forked tongue, getting between the toes with ease.  The para-koopa was fluttering his under Bowser's toes, using his feathered wings to get at that sensitive area.  There were several pirahna plants licking at his heels, and he could feel the feathered whip of the trainer attacking his arches.  Several yoshis were using their tongues as well, even the Ringmaster was helping.

"GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Bowser let loose.  The other advantage of being a giant was having more lung capacity for laughter.  His giant body was suffering extreme torture of all kinds.  His feet tingled from hypersensitivity poison, and he could every every little inch of every little thing that was happening to him.  The yoshis at his knees had actually taken to nibbling his knees, making him laugh even harder.  His poor toes were tied back and licked and tickled between.  At one point, the Magikoopa even summoned magical feathers that attacked his body at various points, though focusing on his large soles.

Bowser soon lost himself in the tickling.  He forgot why he was even there.  He even forgot about the contest.  All he knew was that he was a mass of tickle heaven.  The tickling seemed to go on for years, decades, but he loved it.

He was King Bowser, and he loved tickling.

Finally, the tickling came to a stop, and he was heaving for breath, slowly regaining his senses.  He felt himself shrink back to normal, and the breathing came easier.  He sat up and looked at the Ringmaster, who grinned at him.

"Well, Bowser.  You've won.  Not only that, but you sure looked like you were enjoying yourself.  Even the green yoshi was begging for mercy when it happened to him, but you didn't breathe a word of that."

Bowser panted, and grinned.  "I'll let you in on a secret..." Bowser said.

The ringmaster leaned in, curious.

"Truth be told, I usually don't like being tickled.  In fact, I hated it.  But... something happened, and I discovered that tickling can be fun when enjoyed... so I made a potion that lets me do that."

The ringmaster's eyes widened.  He sat back a moment to take it in.

"Bowser, I don't think you've quite realized what that means."


"It means that you enjoy tickling so much that you MAKE yourself enjoy it.  That's quite a level of dedication.  Or a severe addiction, but aren't we all addicted to something or another?"

Bowser thought about it... "I don't really get what the big deal is."

"Oh, nevermind.  Anyways, your prize..."

Bowser blinked as he was given some sort of weird helmet.  Curious, he tried it on.

The words "Accessing Memory" displayed on a screen inside of the helmet, and began to show a list of things... "Trial 1: Snake Room" "Trial 2: Shifting Sands" "Cubby Hole Experience" "Giant Tickle Experience"

"What is this thing....?" Bowser asked curiously.

"It's a Tickleremember.  It allows you call forth past experiences of tickling and makes you re-experience it.

Bowser grinned, taking the helmet off.

"Well, that's awesome."

The ringmaster grinned.  "Also, you're welcome to join our crew at any time."

"Eh... seems fun, but no thanks.  I've got a Kingdom to run!"

"Ah, right.  I almost forgot about that.  Well then... safe travels, your majesty."

Bowser grinned.  "And you too, Ringmaster."

Bowser got home late at night.  Most of the castle was asleep, so he made his way to his bedroom.  Locking the door and putting on the helmet, he laid on the bed and grinned.

"Replay... Giant Tickle Experience."
Bowser joins a community and then has some not-so-supernatural tickle experiences.

Not as good as the first one again, but I think I did better than the mansion one this time. Hope you enjoy, and I hope I didn't get TOO repetitive :P
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Raal-Steelfang Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think this is my favorite of the five. Love the verbal teasing, the four Yoshi challenge, and I love you essentially gave Bowser two "support groups" of tickle lovers he can be himself around.
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This was excellent! Hehehe! It was very good read! I loved the yoshis. :)
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I LOVE THIS story series mny fave part wa sin teh 2nd part where teh paralel universe koopa licked bowser's feet
Zerrick Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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Thanks for the comment :3 more will surely come!
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I think it's really cute how you make Bowser blush. He's so proud and arrogant all the time, it's quite a change when he feels embarrassed and a sense of humility being totally and helplessly tickled! Everyone knows he's just a big softy anyway, and very very sensitive to tickles! ^.=.^
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love it ^^
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Inspiration? What? I don't know what you're talking about ;3
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