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Bowser's Mirth Potions #4: Return to the Jungle of Laughalava

Disclaimer: Bowser is copyright to Nintendo.  Don't read if you don't like tickling.

Chapter 4: Back to the Beginning

Bowser's clown copter flew through the air, over the ocean.  Holding a pair of binoculars, he looked around.

"Time to go back to that jungle and see what else there is..." Bowser thought to himself, grinning.

Fondly, he remembered it.  Some time after Mario made his airship crash, he wound up in the jungles of that island, stranded from his troops.  Unfortunately, he had triggered a pirahna plant's trap, wrapped in its coils.

That was when his life changed.  The plant somehow injected something into him, though he couldn't tell how.  As he was being injected, the plant used its feather leaves to tickle him all over.  At first, he was in complete agony, wishing it would end.  But as time passed, he found himself enjoying the tickling more and more.  Eventually, the plant released him, and that was what started it all...

Suddenly, he spotted the island, recognizing the spot where his airship crashed.  Taking his clown copter down, he stepped down, landing on the ground.  With one swift motion, he drank one of his potions down.

"...Ha ha ha ha!"

Bowser blinked.  He did not expect to hear laughter other than his own.  Not to mention the voice sounded familiar to him.  Tossing the potion bottle into the Clown Copter, he walked towards the source of the noise.  It didn't take him long to find him.

Midbus.  A purple-furred boar of strength and build nearly equal to that of Bowser's own.  And he was caught in the grasp of a familiar looked pirahna plant, using its leaves to tickle all over Midbus's body.

"Well well well... if it isn't Midbus!" Bowser grinned.

Midbus's eyes opened wide as he heard Bowser's voice.

"Go-go away!  Ahahahahahaaa!  Leheheave me alohohone!"

Bowser tsked, "Aww, but Midbus, it looks like you're in trouble.  Maybe I should save you?"

"Nohoho!  No sahahave!  Feels gohohoood!"

The pirahna plant turned to Bowser, pausing for a moment before grinning in recognition.  Bowser took a closer look at the Pirahna Plant's handwork.  Midbus was vine-wrapped in a sitting position with his arms above his head and his feet out slightly.  Other vines moved about his body, feathery leaves tickling across his bulging belly, a couple even getting at his vulnerable nipples and exposed pits.  Midbus's feet, three-toed like Bowser's, were on the brunt of the tickle torture, six leaves dancing about the soles.

Bowser wished he could've been here before to hear Midbus's cries for mercy turn to cries for more, but alas, he apparently came to the scene late.  Walking up to the Pirahna plant, he began to scratch it on top of the head.  The plant lolled its tongue out in happiness, the vines stopping.

"N-no!  Please!  So good!  I want more!" Midbus begged, squirming in his bonds.

"Now, Midbus... I want some information first."

"A-anything!  Just let plant keep tickle!" Midbus cried.

"Why are you here?"

"F-Fawful want mystic object from temple.  Says it grants him muchness." Midbus said, a sad puppy look on his face.

"Much what?"

"Don't know.  Fawful only said "muchness" and then said "and then" rapidly for hour."

"Certainly sounds like Fawful... I'm quite surprised that little insect survived."

"P-please... let plant tickle!" Midbus begged, letting out a piggy squeal of whining.

Bowser scratched his chin, considering.  The plant, meanwhile, was quite content to be scritched on the head like that.

"Fine, since you're so pathetic." Bowser said, removing his hand from the Pirahna.  After panting happily for a moment, the Pirahna Plant grinned and turned to Midbus, resuming its torture with a vengeance, doubling the amount of vines tickling the poor hog.

"OHOHOHOH YEHEHEHEHESS!!" Midbus cried, writhing and laughing.

Bowser chuckled... maybe he should market the Mirth Potions.  Storing that thought in the back of his head, he began to wander towards the inactive volcano he saw from above... or at least the direction he thought it was in.

Not that it was possible to tell from where he was.

Bowser stopped and snarled.  "There's too many trees!  I can't see the jungle!"

Immediately he was pounced on.  He couldn't see his attackers at first.  He could, however, feel feathers swirling into his pits and over his belly.  Curling up in surprise, he was surprised to find that they had dextrously managed, in that moment, to tie his wrists and ankles together.

Then he got a good look at his attackers.  Jungle Shyguys!  They worked together and easily picked him up and began carrying him to their village.

Bowser, still reeling and chuckling from the event, found himself wondering just what would happen.

At the village, the shyguys, working together to overpowere the kind, tied his wrists to two totem-like poles on either side of him.  Testing the rope, Bowser found it surprisingly strong, and the totem-like poles were rooted fairly deep.

The shyguys were talking to each other in a native language, but judging by their motions and directions...

Bowser was to be some sort of sacrifice to some deity.

"What!?" Bowser yelled, tugging against his bonds. This was not part of the plan!

Immediately, one of the shyguys ran in front of him and, gesticulating wildly, began to try to communicate him, using slow words in the native language.

"I can't understand you!" Bowser said, trying to muster a face of furious confusion.  He only succeeded in looking confused.

Slowly the shyguy gestured, including gesturing across the throat and shaking his head.

"So... I'm not going to be killed?" Bowser thought.  The shyguy just stared... guessing that it was a confused look, Bowser shook his head and then laid it to one side, closing his eyes with the tongue out.  The shyguy nodded, speaking with joy.

"Well... that's better." Bowser said, relaxing a bit.  The shyguy ran off... and suddenly, the village was filled with silence.

Two shyguys appeared, carrying what appeared to be bundles of feathers on long sticks - sorta like feather dusters, but more clumsily made.  They stood on either side of him.  In front of him was a bonfire, and eight shy guys arranged in a circle around it, having painted their masks with designs.  Another shyguy had a drum.  They all began to hum at once, almost musically...

And then the drummer began, and the shyguys began to dance in a circle, chanting.  At that moment, the Shyguys thrust the feathers-on-sticks into Bowser's exposed armpits, swirling them around.  Bowser burst out laughing, surprised at how much the feathers tickled.  arching his back and struggling, he writhed about.  This was already fun!  The shy guys were actually tickling to the rhythm of the drum, too.  His feet were shuffling about as he was tickled, his body eager to move about from the adrenaline.  And then the shyguys moved their feather dusters, tickling at his pecs, the feathers dancing over the nipples and the rest of the chest.  Bowser burst out laughing louder, wondering just why the feathers tickled so much.  The dancers began to dance and chant faster, the drum beat picking up.  Round and round the feathers swirled, Bowser's laugh echoing through the village.  Then the feathers moved down, and began to trace wide patterns around Bowser's belly.  Bowser guffawed hard, wiggling and "dancing" more.  He almost got the feeling that something was watching him, approving of his ticklish torment, but all the shyguys were busy dancing, drumming, or tickling him.  Suddenly, he felt his legs lifted up, the shyguys gripping the feathers closer to the base and tickling them across his big soles.

ROARING with laughter, Bowser arched his back again, suspended by his wrists.  The feathers managed to work their way over every inch of his soles, tickling between the toes with ease.  The drum began to beat rapidly, and so the feathers swished across his feet rapidly.  And then with a dramatic "BAM!" the drums ended and the tickling stopped.  Bowser panted, watching the shyguys cheer.  Looking up, he was surprised... golden feathers were falling from the sky like rain, and the shyguys were catching them.  One feather floated near him, rubbing across his belly, and he let out a yelp.  Those feathers REALLY tickled!  Eventually, the shyguys stored the feathers and released him from his bonds.  One of them tugged on his wrist, though.

"You want me to go with you?" Bowser said, pointing at himself and then the Shyguy.  The shyguy nodded and pulled him into a hut which Bowser BARELY fit into.

Bowser found himself seated upon a chair, hunched over a bit.  There was a shyguy who had a bunch of multicolored feathers attached to his mask.  And judging by all the things brewing in the house... this was a witch doctor.

One shyguy moved a chair in front of Bowser, and lifting his foot, put it on the chair.  The Witch Doctor examined Bowser's sole closely.  Bowser grinned, wiggling his toes.  The Witch Doctor laughed, saying something to the other shy guy, who also laughed.  Then, taking one of the golden feathers, the witch doctor waved it in the air, looking up at Bowser.

Bowser pretended to think for a moment, and then grinned, nodding.  The witch doctor made a noise that almost sounded like "Huzzah!" and then sweeped the feather across Bowser's sole.

Bowser clutched his chest, laughing hard, bending over so as to not accidentally remove the roof of the witch doctor.  Surprising himself by managing to keep his ankle on the chair, Bowser "suffered" the torment from the witch doctor.

As the feather swirled into his arch, Bowser found something odd... he could feel himself start to get invigorated.  Confused, he allowed the witch doctor to keep tickling his foot, his toes wiggling from the torture.

The Witch Doctor hummed some sort of ditty to himself as he kept tickling.  Each sweep was determined and directed, meaning the Witch Doctor wasn't just waving the feather about randomly.  Even Bowser's large toes experienced the effects of the golden feather, the witch doctor even getting underneath the toes.

Bowser definitely found himself receiving benefits.  Various aches and pains he had were disappearing.  He felt energized.  It's almost like the feather was removing his impurities...

And then the feather slid between his toes, and Bowser nearly found himself leaping up.  Managing to keep his head down, he roared with laughter, actually shaking the house.  Then the feather went between his other toes, and he could feel tears of ticklish joy streaming down his face.  Sadly, the tickling stopped.

Bowser stood up, hunched over because of the short roof.  The Witch Doctor gave some sort of diagnosis or prognosis, nodded, and then happily waved Bowser on.  Bowser, waving back, left the hut, continuing on his way.

Not too long after leaving, Bowser was understandably shocked when a large mass dropped on him from a tree, coiling around him, just under his chest, and pinning his arms together.  Falling on his butt, Bowser opened his eyes to see a python staring at him, smirking.

Not happy with being surprised like that, Bowser growled, struggling against the python, who only coiled tighter.  "Let... me... go!" Bowser roared.

A ticklish feeling raced up his sole, and he was reduced to giggles.  The python grinned, and then worked its tail into and all over Bowser's sole.  Bowser laughed, ceasing his struggling, and even angling his foot so the python could tickle it easier.  The python grinned happily, moving down to Bowser's chest,  Flicking its tongue out, it immediately attacked Bowser's vulnerable nipple.

"GWAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!" Bowser roared, arching his back.  The snake seemed to drink in Bowser's laughter, switching between nipples randomly, causing Bowser to let out another roar of laughter each time.  Having "eaten its fill", the snake released Bowser, slithering up the tree again.

Bowser leaned against the tree, panting a little from the short, but sweet session.  Standing up, he moved forward again, determined to find the object of power that Fawful wanted.  After all... if Fawful wanted it, he probably wanted it, too.

And then his foot stepped into thin air.  Gravity working, Bowser suddenly fell off of the cliff he stupidly walked off, landing in a lake.

"Blugh!" Bowser said, surfacing.  "I hope no one saw that..." he lamented to himself, and began swimming towards shore.

It wasn't going to be that easy.  He could feel little fish swarm around him, causing him to giggle a bit.  Sensing tasty particles on him, they began to use their fishy lips to peck it off of him.

"GAHAHAHAHAHA!" Bowser found himself laughing as his entire body was assaulted.  Nearly twenty fish were pecking all over Bowser's belly, with a half a dozen on each peck, a couple of them getting at his sensitive nipples.  A few even got in his pits, and due to his swimming, he wasn't able to easily bring his arms down to protect them.  Even his swimming soles felt about a half a dozen fish on each, pecking over and over again.

To make matters worse, several got in his shell, and began pecking at his back.  Bowser laughed hard, splashing the water in his attempts to swim.  Eventually, he got to shore... and clung to it, allowing the fish easier access to his body.

They took his invitation with open lips, pecking all over his body, cleaning the surface.  Bowser couldn't do anything but laugh, wiggling and arching his back, which was also being attacked by several of these tickly fish.  Many fish were getting at and between his toes, causing him to roar loud... but he parted his toes for them all the same.

"GWAHAHAHAHAAAAAH!!" Bowser laughed, his claws digging into the soil.  The fish were meticulously cleaning his scales now, and it tickled!  After what seemed like several minutes of the most delightful torture, the fish swam off, the fish in his shell escaping, too.  Bowser climbed up, allowing the water to drain out of his shell, before laying on the ground, basking in what sun came through the trees.

"Heheheheh... this is the life..." Bowser thought to himself, closing his eyes.  A few minutes passed, and he could suddenly feel himself moving.  Opening his eyes, he saw the jungle canopy moving overhead... and he could feel himself being carried by a million little bodies.  And he could feel little ticklish things walking on his belly.

Looking down, he could see a bunch of giant ants on his belly... and giggling, he laid his head back.  "I wonder what these little guys are gonna do to me?"

Suddenly, he felt himself being tossed backwards.  With a roar, he found himself lodged in a ant-made hole, his feet sticking up.  Once again, his arms were pinned together.  There was a hole near his face, though, where fresh air came through.

And then he felt it.  Tiny little legs scuffling over his soles.  Instantly, he began to roar loud, the sound echoing through the tunnel he was stuck in. Even pinchers were getting in on the action, biting just under his toes with enough force to be completely ticklish.  And somehow, his claws were being pulled back, rendering his soles taut.  And then he saw ants coming in through the tunnel near his face... crawling onto his chin, they made his way up to his torso, tickling his neck along the way.  Bowser laughed harder, especially as they began to sweep their legs and nibble his belly.  But then his roaring laughter hit a new level of volume as they began to nibble rapidly at his nipples.  Roaring, he found himself struggling hard, his feet quivering from the torture they themselves were experiencing.

The ants seemed to drink in his laughter almost like it was food, finding every ticklish spot on his body and attacking it with ruthless torture.  When it was apparent the ants had their fill, they physically pulled him up from the hole, setting him on the ground.

Surprised at how strong they were, even for ants, Bowser offered them a thank you and moved on, going deeper into the jungle.

Suddenly, Bowser heard a Midbus squeal suddenly from ahead of him.  Grimacing at the idea that Midbus managed to get ahead of HIM, Bowser walked forward... and found Midbus, his wrists tangled in a bunch of vines above his head.

"How'd you manage that, Midbus?" Bowser asked.

"B-Bowser!  Move on!  I try climbing vines.  Fell, and got tangled!"

Bowser grinned.

"You're a thorn in my side, Midbus... but I can't just leave you like that!"

"You help Midbus?" Midbus wondered.

"I didn't say that..." Bowser grinned, spidering his claws.  Midbus's reaction was a mixture of shock and longing.

"N-No!" Midbus yelled, struggling.  Bowser wasted no time, scritching his claws over Midbus's big belly.  Midbus burst into laughter, struggling less.

Bowser knew the venom took a good 24 hours to wear off, just like his potions... so he knew Midbus was enjoying this.  Bowser chuckled, mercilessly scratching all over Midbus's sensitive belly, the boar squealing and laughing.  The torturous part was being tickled by BOWSER, his rival... that made it all so enjoyable for Bowser.

"Nohohoho!  Pleehehehase!  Stohohop!!"

"But Midbus... I thought you wanted to be tickled?"

"I dohoho!  Buhuhut!  Nohohot yuouhouhuu!!" Midbus blushed from embarrassment.

"Awwww... is the big ol' boar embarrased that he's enjoying tickling from the big bad Bowser?" Bowser grinned, teasing.  Midbus squealed in embarrassment, struggling more.  Bowser moved his claws up, digging deep into Midbus's pits.  Midbus squealed and laughed hard, wiggling more above.

"Aww, are the pig's pits too ticklish?" Bowser teased more, Midbus blushing deeper.

"Stahahahaap that!" Midbus yelled, struggling to get loose from the vines.

Bowser snarled, still grinning.  "You don't order me around!  As punishment... take this!" and lowering his claws to Midbus's vulnerable nipples, began tracing circles in them with his claws.

"SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEEEEE!!!" Midbus yelled, arching his back and wiggling about, his struggling ceasing.

"Awww, the piggy likes that!" Bowser grinned, merciless with his teasing.  Midbus couldn't even form words anymore from how hard he was laughing.  Bowser decided to give him a bit of a break, the pig panting hard.

"Please... let Midbus go!" Midbus begged.

"No." Bowser said, lifting one of Midbus's ankles and holding it under his arm.  Midbus gave a piggy whine, but splayed his toes and flexed them back, eager for the tickling.  "Heheheh... pretty good sensation, huh?"

Midbus reluctantly nodded.  Bowser immediately rewarded him by raking his claws down Midbus's sole.  Midbus squealed long and hard, arching his back and laughing hard.  He closed his eyes tight, squealing harder when Bowser's claws slipped between his toes.  Giving the arch a few final rakes, Bowser let the ankle drop, staring at the panting Midbus.

"Alright, alright.  You look so pitiful, I'm going to let you go."  Bowser reached up, untangling Midbus from the vines.

"Thanks..." Midbus said, then grinned.  Before Bowser could react, Midbus pounced, tying Bowser's wrists together with one of the vines and then tying it to a tree.

"Hey!  Is this how you show thanks to the guy who just let you go free!?" Bowser roared, struggling.

"How? Yes." Midbus said, straddling the koopa king.  Bowser gulped, now excited by what Midbus could mean.  Midbus grinned, and then dug his claws into Bowser's exposed pits.  Bowser's roaring laughter once again rose to the sky.

"Kitchy kitchy, Bowsie!" Midbus teased, and Bowser felt flushed.  Not the teasing!

Bowser squirmed, and Midbus laughed, moving his claws to Bowser's nipples and scritching at them.  Bowser's laughter grew, and Midbus grinned evilly.  "Awww, is the great big king ticklish there?  Is the great big king being defeated by only this tiny claws scraping here and there?"

Bowser flushed deeper, struggling with the rope around his vines.

Midbus changed positions, his claws dancing all over Bowser's belly.  Bowser laughed hard, and Midbus grinned, turning to Bowser's belly...

"Hey.  No bellybutton.  I was gonna tickle there..." Midbus pouted, still spidering his claws over Bowser's bulbous belly.

Bowser laughed hard, realizing that he had seen Midbus's belly button but hadn't thought much of it.  He should be sure to remember that for the future.  The tickling stopped for a moment and Bowser took a chance to catch his breath, knowing what was coming next.  Midbus moved down to the koopa king's large feet.  "These feet big.  That means big weakness." Midbus said, grinning at Bowser.  "Does Bowser enjoy this?"

Bowser reluctantly nodded, understanding what it was like to be in Midbus's former situation right now.  Midbus laughed, "Good!  Then we play!"

Lowering his claws to one of the toes, he tickled it lightly.  "This little piggy went to the Mushroom Kingdom..."

Bowser giggled, "Oh nohoho!!"  The nursery rhyme!  The ultimate form of teasing!

Tickling the next toe, Midbus went "This little piggy was captured."

Granted, it didn't rhyme, but....

Tickling the next toe, Midbus grinned... "This little piggy went..." and then began to rake his claws up and down Bowser's sole.  Bowser burst out laughing, struggling and flushed deep, "WEEE WEEEE WEEE in his captor's dungeon!"

And with that, Midbus used his legs to trap Bowser's ankles and began to dance his claws up and down the soles.  Bowser was roaring with laughter as his sensitive tootsies were helpless in his rival's grasp.  And yet, that just seemed to make it all the more enjoyable, and all the more unbearable at the same time.  Tears ran down his cheeks from how hard he was laughing... and yet he managed to work up enough courage to splay his toes, roaring loud when Midbus's claws went between them to take advantage of it.

"You like tickling a lot.  I'm suspicious-like.  How you do that?" Midbus asked, tickling just under Bowser's toes.

"I'M NOHOHOT TEHEHELLING!!" Bowser yelled, not willing to divulge his secret to Midbus.

Midbus stopped his tickling, thinking for a moment.  It wasn't like he could tickle it out of Bowser... it seemed like he'd have to make a deal.

"If you tell me about the secret... I help you get artifact."

Bowser panted, looking at him.  "Aren't you working for Fawful?"

Midbus shrugged.  "I like this.  I want to keep this.  Fawful needs not know."

Bowser thought for a moment.  "Deal.  But I'll tell you AFTER we get the artifact."

Midbus grumbled, but untied Bowser anyways.  Bowser stood up, stretching a bit.  "Well then, piggy, let's go."

"Hmph." Midbus said, following Bowser.

They soon found themselves at the entrance to a ruined temple.  Upon entering it, Bowser could feel a stone shift under his foot.  Looking down, he could see it sinking into the floor... like a switch.

"Oh... shoot." Bowser said.  Before Midbus could even question what Bowser meant, panels slid open and many insects swarmed out, enveloping the two.  The wind produced from the wings of these insects slide across the skin of each of them, tickling like mad!  Though it was fun, they were there for a specific reason, so they ran from the insects, heading deeper into the temple.  Soon, the insects left them to return to their home.

"Phew... fun." Midbus said, panting.

"Yes... indeed." Bowser said, grinning.  Moving on, and passing through other doorway, they came to another long hallway.  The only problem was, most of the floor was missing and there was a thin bit of floor on the side.  Looking down into the pit, Bowser saw that it wasn't a long drop... but there were many snakes nesting down there, and they looked a lot like some of the tickler snakes he's seen lately.  Bowser gulped, crossing carefully, holding onto the wall.  Midbus soon followed.

The snakes, having none of that, managed to slither up the wall, licking at the heels of the two intruders.  Both of them laughed, struggling to maintain their balance, carefully crossing.  As soon as Bowser finished crossing, Midbus suddenly slipped.  Bowser, making a split second reaction, reached down, grabbing Midbus by the wrist.

"Thank you, Bowsaahahahahahahaaaaa!!" Midbus tried to say, only to be interrupted with laughter, many of the snakes had gathered near him, and were licking at his soles and what parts of his belly they could reach.  Bowser struggled, pulling him up... but suddenly felt a pair of tongues licking at each of his own soles.  This made it much harder for him to pull Midbus up, roaring with laughter.  Midbus was laughing and wiggling, making him much harder to pull up.

Bowser briefly considered leaving him there, but that would be in poor sport... besides, he may still need Midbus.  With a heave, he managed to pull him up, throwing Midbus in to the air and scaring the snakes away from Bowser's feet.  Landing on his back with a crash, Midbus looked rather dizzy from the tickling and the sudden impact.

Bowser grinned, walking up and tickling Midbus's feet.  Midbus let out a squeal and hopped to his feet.

"Why did you do that!?" Midbus snarled, as much as a boar can snarl.

"Because I could.  Let's go."

Walking deeper, they finally came to the prize... a scepter with a red jewel.  Cautious, they walked up to the scepter.  No traps.  Bowser picked up the scepter...

"Huh... what is this anyways?" giving it a wave, it suddenly let out a beam of magic, hitting Midbus in the chest.  The magic expanded, encompassing all the chest, and Midbus let out a squeal of laughter, falling to the ground.  Grinning at his prize, Bowser flicked the scepter, and the beam disappeared.

"Whew... much fun!" Midbus said.  "Okay, I help you get scepter.  You tell me secret."

Bowser took out a mirth potion.  "This thing is a mirth potion, made from the venom of that pirahna plant that you met.  It's quite easy to make more, since pouring it on a mushroom patch makes all the mushrooms make it for several generations.  It's quite handy."

Midbus took it.  "Ooh, thanks..." and stored it.  Suddenly, a door near them opened.  Curious, they decided to investigate...

Coming out of another part of the temple, the door closed behind them.

"Wow, a secret exit..." Bowser said to himself, shouldering the scepter.

"Yes.  Now then..." Midbus suddenly tackled Bowser, causing him to drop the scepter.

"W-what!?" Bowser yelled, standing up and taking a fierce pose.

"Hehe.  Gullible.  Fawful will help me with potion.  And I give Fawful scepter.  I win both ways.  You lose both ways."

"Grrrrrr!" Bowser growled, and began to rush Midbus... only for Midbus to gesture the scepter, causing a beam of tickle magic to hit him in the belly.  Laughing hard, Bowser lost his balance, falling over.

"Fawful come soon.  Midbus tickle you until then." Midbus grinned.  Strengthening the power of the scepter, the beam of tickle magic expanded, encompassing all over Bowser's torso, including his nipples and armpits.  Bowser tried to protect himself by hugging himself close, but the tickling magic hugged tightly to his skin.  With a gesture, Midbus broke the beam, but the tickle magic remained.  Bowser tried to crawl towards Midbus, but the tickling was making it impossible to do anything but laugh and wiggle.

Admittedly, it felt pretty awesome, but he really wanted that scepter.

"Hehehehe... I let you have fun with it, since I'm stealing it."

Bowser tried to growl, but his laughter was too much.  And with another gesture of the scepter, Midbus sent tickle magic at Bowser's feet, enveloping them in the magic.  Bowser arched his back, wiggling about and roaring with laughter.  The magic felt like billions of tiny little claws next to billions of tiny little feathers were tickling over every millimeter of his skin.  It was so ticklish, and he was trying to not get drawn into the tickling... but soon, he gave in, and just laid there, laughing and loving it.

"You have scepter of much laughings, yessss?" Fawful said, floating in on his trademark saucer.

"Yes, Lord Fawful." Midbus said.

"Come then!  To the base to make the sandwich of much world taking over!" Fawful cackled, using a transporter beam to take himself and Midbus away.

Bowser writhed on the ground, laughing and roaring.  Some part of him was mad that the scepter had been taken from him... but it was drowned out by the lovely ticklish feeling he was experiencing.  Nothing stopped the tickle magic from working.  It even changed form when he became accustomed to the tickling, sometimes including what feels like big, rough tongues licking over his ticklish spots.  It took a full hour for the tickle magic to wear off, after which, Bowser just laid there, panting.  Soon, his senses returned, and he roared angrily at the sky.

"Midbus!  I will have my revenge!"


At the mothership, Fawful showed Midbus to a contraption.

"What is it, Lord Fawful?"

"It is my most wonderfulest invention!  The generator that shall power Fawful's evil world taking over machine!  And it will be powered... by the Tickle Scepter!"

Midbus walked forward, seeing the spot where the scepter went, above the device.  Attaching it in, he turned around to find Fawful about an inch from his face.

"AND THEN!" Fawful shouted, startling Midbus so much he jumped backwards.  Immediately the machine grabbed him, locking his wrists and ankles in place.

"Of course... it is just the crank of the generator that provides the electricity to the toaster to make the bread for my world domination sandwich!  You, Midbus... will be the Double-A that makes it possible!"

Midbus gulped in excitement.  "L-Lord Fawful... I tricked Bowser into giving me a potion that lets one enjoy being tickled.  I would gladly be the battery of your generator that... makes... sandwich... if you let me have that potion."

"Oh?  Big Dumbface made a potion of tickle-loving?"  Fawful thought to himself for a moment.

"Y-yes... I have it."

Fawful took the potion from Midbus, examining it.  Indeed, that koopa had made a potion that would allow that...

"Impressive.  I must do much studyings of it!" Fawful said.

"So you can make more?"

"No!  So I can reverse it!  Make potion of tickle-hating!  I call it... Potion of Much Tickle Hating!"

Midbus could feel some of the color draining from his face.  "But..."

"Midbus!  Potion of Tickle-Loving is unnecessary for battery!  All that matters is... laughter!  Uweeehehehehe!!"

Flicking a switch, the scepter turned on, sending a beam of pure ticklish energy into Midbus, who began to laugh hard.  Unable to even struggle agains the machine, he could do nothing but squeal and laugh with ticklish laughter.

This was bad.  He was enjoying the tickling now, but he knew the venom wouldn't last forever... and when it wore off... he would experience the full effects of tickle torture without the venom to help him.

And yet... on some level... that just made it even more appealing.
Bowser runs into Midbus, has a bunch of tickle adventures right where it all began, and searches for a mystical item...

Also, if you want to know what Midbus looks like...


There you go.

I hope you like!

Bowser (c) Nintendo
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