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Yoshi's Missing Shoes, Prologue


I do not own Yoshi, Bowser, or any Nintendo characters, nor do I own Paper Mario, the story that this is based on.  This story contains some pretty ridiculous situations for fetish reasons.  It is, however, non-adult.  This is considered a sort of spin-off to "Mirth Potions".  Furthermore, even though the story is based on Paper Mario, this is NOT a Paper story, so don't imagine it like that.

If you don't like tickling, then don't read :3

The Story Begins with a Theft...

As Yoshi was sleeping silently in his bed on the island on which he lived, a large shadow fell across him.

"Heheheh... let's see if you take my challenge, foolish Yoshi!"

Yoshi's shoe-encased feet stuck out from under the covers.  The figure quickly untied them, pulling the shoes off.  

Peering closely, the figure noticed the socks, which were damp from the enclosed sweat and stunk a bit.  Showing no change in attitude, the figure peeled the socks off, showing Yoshi's bare feet.

Each foot had three toes, capped with a small white claw.  The scales on Yoshi's inner soles were colored white, not unlike the similar pattern of a certain Koopa King's soles.  Yoshi murmured in his sleep and curled his toes, showing no signs of waking otherwise.

"Perfect!  Now all that I need to do is leave a note..."


Yoshi awoke, yawning and stretching.  It was a new day, and lucky for him, he lived in a tropical paradise!  Something seemed off... wiggilng his toes, he looked around until he spotted them.  Or the lack of them.

His shoes.  They were gone.

Blinking in surprise, he began to look everywhere, even under his bed, until he came across the note.


I took your stinking precious shoes (and socks), Yoshi!

If you want them, come to my castle, and fight me for them!

- Bowser"

Yoshi just stared at the note for a moment before shouting.


Later, the Yoshi gathered with his fellow kind, discussing what to do.

"Well, Yoshi, it seems like the only thing to do is to go get them.  We'd loan you one of our own shoes, but, uh, well, we need them, too!"

Grumbling over the "One pair of shoes to a Yoshi" rule that their society had, Yoshi set off for Bowser's castle, crossing the ocean on a whale and travelling to Bowser's lands...


The castle was eerily deserted.  As Yoshi walked through the halls, a part of him had to admit that the carpet felt nice against his bare soles.

"Bwahaha!  You came after all!  You're as much of a fool as I thought you were!"

Bowser roared as he dropped from the ceiling.  Yoshi let out a yelp of surprise, standing back.

"Why'd you steal my shoes, Bowser?  You're mean!" Yoshi yelled.  Bowser just laughed.

"Thanks for the compliment!  Now then, if you want your shoes back, you're gonna have to defeat me... in a tickle fight!"

It took a moment for the words to be fully comprehended, but when Yoshi realized that Bowser was challenging him to a TICKLE fight, he just gave Bowser a shocked stare before falling forward.


"You heard me!" Bowser said, grinning.

Yoshi let out a sigh, stretching.  Then he grinned to himself.  Back on the island, much of yoshi play involved such fights.  He was considered the top champion.  Bowser didn't stand a chance.

"Okay then, you asked for it!" Yoshi said.

"Then let's do this!" Bowser roared, taking on a fighting stance.

Yoshi didn't waste time, whipping his tongue forward and getting Bowser across his rather large belly.  Startled, Bowser fell back, guffawing.  Smirking, Yoshi went after Bowser's soles, getting more laughter from him as he wiggled the tongue into those wide feet.

"This is easy!" Yoshi thought, before the koopa king suddenly reached forward, grabbing Yoshi's tongue.  Surprised, Yoshi found himself hurtling right into Bowser's grasp.

"Gitcha!" Bowser said, digging his claws into Yoshi's belly.  Letting out a cute squeal, Yoshi began to laugh and wiggle, trying to get away from Bowser.  Bowser grinned evilly, dancing his claws up and down Yoshi's soft belly.  

Eventually, Yoshi managed to scurry away, Bowser giving chase.

Suddenly, to Bowser's surprise, Yoshi lept into the air, his bare feet landing on Bowser's chest, knocking him to the ground on his back with Yoshi standing on top of him.  Wasting no time, Yoshi began to dig his finger claws into Bowser's belly, causing the big ol' koopa to laugh whole-heartedly, stuck on his back.  Every time he tried to knock Yoshi off, Yoshi would just dodge the effort and concentrate his tickling in a slightly different spot.  Finally, Bowser managed to jump to his feet, the Yoshi jumping back, both panting.

"Gwahaha!  You truly are a champion of tickle fights!  But enough of this, it's time for power!" Bowser gloated, before holding up a scepter of sorts with some kind of start at the top.

Yoshi blinked.  What was that?

Shining lights engulfed Bowser before his skin seemed to shimmer with a rainbow hue.  Taking the offensive, Yoshi whipped his tongue out again, aiming for Bowser's belly.  Bowser just took the attack without even a wince.

"Haha!  Just as I thought!  This scepter can remove my ticklishness entirely!  Now, no one will stand against me in my evil reign!"

Yoshi growled, "That's cheating!"

"Pfft, no, really?" Bowser mocked the Yoshi, "Earth to green dinosaur, I don't play by the rules!  Now then... time to see you off in style!"

Raising the star rod again, Bowser seemed to conjure thousands of tiny stars that swarmed Yoshi, swirling over his belly, under his arms, and over his sensitive soles.  Yoshi let out a cry of laughter as he was lifted into the air by the tickly stars.

"See ya later, alligator!" Bowser yelled, the tickly stars carrying Yoshi through the air and into a forest.

In all honesty, Yoshi was actually having the time of his life.  These tickly stars were fun!  Yet this was overshadowed by two important facts...

1. Bowser had cheated in a contest of skill!
2. Bowser STILL had his precious shoes!

Yoshi swore to himself that he would get revenge... and maybe force that evil king to polish his shoes, too, as retribution.

Soon, the tickling wore Yoshi out so much that he drifted off to sleep, landing in a forest near a house...


Yoshi awoke to find himself in a bed.  He seemed to remember dreaming about a star with an old bristly moustache telling him that they were captives of Bowser and his minions.  In fact, the more he thought about it, the dream became more and more vivid, as if it was a memory surfacing.  Sitting up, he realized that he wasn't in his own house.

"Oh, hey there!"

A goomba walked into the room.  Yoshi just blinked at him.  This didn't seem to be a goomba loyal to Bowser.

"My name's Goombach!  I found you in the forest floor, still giggling to yourself."

"...I'm a Yoshi from the island.  I had to come here because Bowser stole my shoes and... he cheated in a tickle match!"

"B...Bowser!?  Tickle Match!?" The goomba exclaimed, spontaneously excited.  Yoshi just blinked at him.

"Aha, sorry.  I'm something of a... I guess you could say I study tickling.  Like an archaeologist, only it's... tickling."

Yoshi blinked again.

"Really," The goomba assured him.

Yoshi nodded.  No use questioning this fact.

"I had this strange dream last night," Yoshi said, changing the subject, "it involved these stars with faces that said they were captives of Bowser and his minions."

"Stars with faces, huh?  That sounds like... star spirits!  Huh.  I guess Bowser has them captured."

"You don't seem too surprised by that," Yoshi noted.

"Honestly, I think he's done this before, but I can't seem to remember too clearly.  Ah well.  Maybe it's similar to some game I played.  Well then, we should get going if we're going to rescue the star spirits! ...and your shoes."

Yoshi nodded, then blinked.  "We?"

"I know I said that I study tickling, but I'm also a biologist.  I can tell you about enemy strengths and weaknesses and stuff.  We goombas tend to be really smart, you know!"

Yoshi nodded.  That made sense.  Considering they were 80% head and 20% everything else...

"Well then, let's get to it!"

Yoshi jumped out of bed.  It still felt weird to be walking around barefoot, but he was beginning to adjust to it.

"By the way, my name's Goombach!  And yours?"


"...That's your species, isn't it?"

"It's also my name."

"Huh.  Well, let's get going then!"

Leaving the modest house, the two of them set out, heading down the forest road.

"Hold it!" Goombach said suddenly.

"You, behind the computer screen, reading this fanfiction.  Yes, you!

This fanfic is going to be a little different from the others by this author.

Namely, there's going to be a special feature called Game Over View!

Whenever Yoshi wins a unique battle, one of these will pop up and inform you what would have happened to him if he lost!

This way, it allows the author to exploit the potential that comes from losing a match, but lets the story progress as normal.

Well then, back to the fanfiction!"

Yoshi blinked at him.  That was... entirely weird and nonsensical.  Shrugging his shoulders, he moved on.

It didn't take long for Yoshi to run into his first encounter.  Three goombas appeared from the trees, grinning evilly at him.  One was a normal goomba, one wore a hard helmet with a feather on top, and the third was a paragoomba.

"Oiy, Yoshi!  Bowser has ordered us to tickle you into submission, as per the rules of the Tickle War!"

Yoshi blinked in surprise.  Tickle War?  Rules?

"Oh dear, the goomba family!  Well, this makes my expertise more useful!  Ahem... These goombas are a special type of goomba with tough nerves.  They're actually ticklish on their feet, but getting their shoes off will be quite a hassle, so I think you should just beat them up instead!" Goombach informed, reading from a book.

Yoshi nodded, leaping in the air towards the hard-hatted one.

"B-but, wait, no!  Not that one!" Goombach yelled too late.

The feather-hatted goomba grinned, waving his feather.  As soon as Yoshi's feet touched that feather, he felt his downward momentum stop as his flutterkick instinct kicked in, working to the goomba's advantage.  Yoshi laughed as his feet brush repeatedly against the feather, before he managed to get back away from the Feathered Goomba.

"Hahaha, what an idiot!  Jumped right into that one, literally!" the Feathered Goomba chuckled.

Yoshi, taken aback, left himself to an attack right from the paragoomba, who flew in behind Yoshi and, curling his wings around, began to tickle at Yoshi's belly and sides.

"WAHAHAHAAAAAA!" Yoshi yelled, running forward in an attempt to get away from the paragoomba, who just followed, brushing his wings up and down Yoshi's belly and sides relentlessly.  Somehow, Yoshi managed to get away.

As fun as this was, it was only hampering him!  Yoshi growled and delivered a swift kick to the paragoomba's face, knocking him unconscious.

"W-whoa!  Hey, I thought you weren't supposed to hit anyone!" the enemy, normal goomba said before rushing off, only to get jumped on by Yoshi, knocking him out.

"Bowser doesn't play by the rules, and since I can't tickle you guys, I'll bend them myself!" Yoshi said, before tongue-whipping the feathered goomba, slapping him across the face and knocking him out.

"SPLENDID!" Goombach yelled, "These goons will wake up with quite the headache!  But we've got to keep moving!"


Yoshi, unable to escape from the Paragoomba, found himself panting with exhaustion right after the paragoomba flew away.

Without warning, the goomba jumped on top of him, pinning him to the ground on his back.  Unable to muster the strength to lift the goomba off of himself, Yoshi struggled until he could feel a feather stroking up his left sole.

"Hehehey!   Nohohohoo!" Yoshi cried, suddenly laughing as a pair of wings began to stroke up his other sole.

"Man, your biiiig Yoshi feet sure are weak to tickling, eh?" the Feathered Goomba chuckled, getting his feather right into Yoshi's arch.  Letting out a squeal, Yoshi could do nothing but continue to weakly struggle.  The feathered wings slid between his toes and he let out a shriek of laughter.  To make matters worse (or better, depending on how you look at the situation) the goomba on his chest had begun to lick at his soft belly, the somewhat rough tongue torturing those nerves.

Goombach was just sitting back taking notes...


After knocking the lights out of a few more goombas, Yoshi eventually arrived in a clearing of sorts.

"HEY!  How dare you trespass in the Goomba King's domain!" said a giant red goomba as he appeared.

"Yeah!  How dare you!" said a giant blue goomba as he followed.

"Oh dear, those are the Red and Blue Goombas..." Goombach said.

"Yeah, what's so special about them?" Yoshi questioned.

"Well, they're really strong..."

Yoshi just glared at them.

"Hahaha, you picked the wrong arena to face us, Yoshi!" Red yelled.

Yoshi blinked and looking around.  It was then that he realized that the bushes surrounding the area all had extremely fuzzy leaves... he shivered a bit imagining it.

Taking the shivering for fear, Blue laughed, "Well then, meet your fate here, Yoshi!"

Red charged, knocking Yoshi into the fuzzy leaves.  Yoshi's imagination was correct - the leaves tickled a LOT!  Yoshi yelped with laughter before finally managed to get out of the leaves, only to find himself face to face with Blue, who licked up Yoshi's belly with his tongue.  Yoshi laughed and stepped backwards, almost ending up in the bushes again.

"HAAAAH!" Red charged, but Yoshi lept over him, Red charging into the leaves.  Unfortunately, Red wasn't ticklish, so he just came out of the leaves again, trying to jump on Yoshi.

Yoshi whipped his tongue out, grabbing him around his miniscule waist.  Letting out a grunt of surprise, Red found himself hurtling towards his brother, Blue.

The two hit each other on the head.

"OWWWW!  Goomba KIIIIING!" They yelled as they ran off.


Yoshi found himself hit by Red's second charge, ending up in the bushes again.  Unfortunately, he found himself wedged between two branches, his saddle caught on them.  And he was covered in those fuzzy leaves, unable to even keep himself from giggling.  And unfortunately for him, his feet were sticking out of the bush...

"Well, then, brother!  Let's make his stay pleasant!" Red grinned, before slurping up Yoshi's left foot.  Yoshi let out a squeal as the lick shocked him.  Oh, but it got worse.  His resulting struggle from that slurp made the leaves rub more into his belly, sides, and pits... which only made him wiggle more!

"Hahaha!  We've really got him now!" Blue said, before the two began to lick the Yoshi's helpless feet.  Sometimes, they would lick the entire foot, sometimes they would get their tongues just under his toes, and occasionally they'd even nip at the balls of his feet, earning a special squeal from him.

As Yoshi found himself subjected, to his torment, he was surprised at the thought that entered his mind.

"I wonder if they have bushes like this on my home island?"

Goombach just took notes...


Soon, they arrived at...

Well, some might call it a castle, but really, it resembled nothing more than a stone shed.  Not to mention... wasn't there supposed to be a bridge there?  Approaching, a giant goomba with a fuzzy moustache leapt to the top of the building.

"HURRR! You're the one who beat my troops?  No fair!  I'll take care of you myself!"

Leaping down, the Goomba King growled menacingly,

"Once I beat you, it's into the stocks with you!"

Yoshi smirked, "Bring it on!"

Goombach stood back, "Good luck, Yoshi!  Like all the other goombas, the Goomba King is only ticklish on his feet, but once again, the boots can't be removed very easily.  He's tough, but you should be able to just knock him out!"

"Hey, Goombach, why don't you ever help me fight?"

"I'm a pacifist."

Yoshi just sighed.  Turning to face the Goomba King, it was time to fight.

Stage Boss!  The Fuzzy Moustached Goomba King!

Yoshi charged forward, jumping on top of the Goomba King.  Though the King did seem to react in pain, the king was quite tough.  Yoshi bounced backwards, landing on his back.  The Goomba King took this opportunity to charge forward, grinding his moustache into Yoshi's exposed sole.

Letting out a loud yelp of laughter, Yoshi jumped to his feet.  That rough moustache was quite the torture!  Suddenly finding himself lifted into the air with a ticklish lick that seemed to last forever, Yoshi ended up falling to the ground in laughter.

"Hrrrrr!  I've almost got you, little whelp!" The Goomba King cried.

That was when Yoshi noticed he was next to a tree.  A tree with large nuts.  Ignoring the euphemism, Yoshi gave a tremendous kick to the base of the tree, causing the large nuts to fall and knock the Goomba King square on the noggin.  

Walking around dizzily for a moment, the Goomba King eventually went down, knocked out.

Yoshi had won!  But barely.  Standing up, he began to investigate the area...


Yoshi kicked the tree with all of his might.  Unfortunately, the wrong nuts dislodged, hitting him on the head.  

Suddenly, all went dark.

He awoke to find himself locked in a set of stocks inside the small castle, his arms bound above his head.  The Goomba King and his two suboordinates, Red and Blue, were grinning evilly at him.

"Well then... shall we?" the King asked.  Red and Blue nodded, vigorously.

The King began to rub his rough moustaches into Yoshi's soles, the rough hairs scritching into Yoshi's sensitive arches and getting between and under his toes with ease.  Yoshi was already squealing with laughter.  But then the goombas began to slurp and nip at Yoshi's sides, belly, and even his pits.  Yoshi squealed and squirmed, unable to do a thing to help himself.  He was trapped, here in this dungeoncastleshedthingie...

And to be honest, he kinda liked it.


Finding a switch, Yoshi pressed it.  With a loud crash, the bridge spring up out of the castleshedthingie and landed at the chasm.

"That was... rather convenient" Yoshi said, ignoring Goombach's startled protests.  With a smile of triumph, Yoshi walked past the terrified Red and Blue and into Toad Town, and the next chapter.

Meanwhile, in Bowser's castle...

Bowser was having a good time.  Two of his servants were at his feet, brushing their feathers up and down his soles, his roaring laughter filling the room.  Suddenly, the old hag's voice rang in his ears.

"Master Bowser, Sir!"

Dismissing his troops, Bowser growled in annoyance...

"What is it, Kammy?"

"Um, it appears that the Yoshi has, um... beaten the Goomba King.  Knocked him out!"

"Wait a minute, he isn't supposed to cheat!" Bowser roared in annoyance.

"Well, uh... YOU cheated." Kammy pointed out.  "Not only did you become invincible AND immune to tickling, but you sent troops after him that were all but immune to tickling as well."

"Ah well.  This just makes the 'game' more exciting!"

"Sir Bowser, Dude, Sir!  Leave the Yoshi to us!  We'll stop him in his tracks!"

Four koopas lept into the room, each giving a thumbs-up.  The four koopas were identical, aside from the bandanas they wore over their eyes, which were Red, Yellow, Green, and Black.  Red had a pair of giant feathers strapped to his back,

Yellow has two small feather dusters attached to his belt, Green had a bow and a quiver filled with feathers, and Black had a bo staff with feather dusters at each end.

"Wait, are these... the Koopa Bros you talked so much about, Kammy?" Bowser whispered to Kammy Koopa.

"The very same!" Kammy said.

"They don't look too... capable."

Red stepped forward, "Hey, don't diss us!  Yoshi won't be able to stand against our secret attack!"

Without further ado, they began to do ... something.  Bowser's eyes widened, even as one of his own troops was reduced to hysterical, uncontrollable, unescapable laughter.

"Oh... ohhh... OHH!!  Yoshi definitely won't be able to stand up against that!  Good work!  ... And I may hire you for additional services should you succeed."

"Will do, sir!" Red said, smugly.

"By the way... who's guarding the first Star Spirit?"

All four Koopa Bros got an "Oh crap" look on their face.



Endnote: I hope you enjoyed this story.  As the story gets on and the enemies get more exotic, the tickle scenes will get more interesting, but I'm somewhat limited by the Paper Mario story.
This time, Yoshi is the central ticklee.

This is something of a spin-off to Mirth Potions, though casting Bowser as a lovable villain nontheless. It's essentially Paper Mario minus Paper minus Mario plus Yoshi. A lot of plot is changed, too, where I can.

Oddly, this may be simultaneously my cutest and most violent tickle fanfiction yet.

Bowser, Yoshi, Goombas, Everything (c) Nintendo
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